Top Five Most Amazing Skins Of Fortnite As Of In 2020

Top Five Most Amazing Skins Of Fortnite As Of In 2020
Top Five Most Amazing Skins Of Fortnite As Of In 2020

Many people must be waiting for the top five most amazing skins of Fortnite in 2020 as Fortnite has already launched hundreds of skin so far since the game’s launch three years ago. Most of the skins in Fortnite are just cosmetic applications for all the players in the game. Well, all the players get attracted to the beautiful cosmetic items present in the store. All the game players rapidly love to adapt to the new skins as in-game enemies consider the outfit of their players as a sign of strength or weakness.

In the last three years, the game epic games’ history has launched hundreds of skins in the Fortnite game. Players love to make some skins famous as they outshine other skins. As we are starting afresh and a brand new beginning in 2021, here are some of the top five skins of Fortnite in 2020.

5. Drift – Variety Of Styles In A Single Skin

Drift skin was launched from Epic Games in the battle pass of the fifth season in Fortnite. It is one of the best skins of 2020, and it is one of the skins which immediately attracted all the players as soon as it was launched in the game. One of the skin’s best facts is it has different styles that have been one of the centers of attraction in the game.

4. Lynxx Season 7 Version

The Fortnite season 7 version of the Lynxx is one of the popular hits of 2020, with a lot of fans and players considering it in the list of the best skins in the game. One of the skin’s biggest plus points is its simple design teamed up with complex elements that make it a glorious outfit. All the players can also change the styles of the Lynxx.

3. Raven

All the Fortnite fans and veteran players got crazy on social media when Raven’s skin was under-development. Although Raven was released a long-back in 2018, still nothing can replace a third-place spot when we have a Fortnite skin, which every player and fan would love to include in their inventory. Owing to the popularity of the skin epic games developer also released a female version of the character, which was a better one, but the original version of the skin is the best.

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2. Midas – Gold And Treasure Hunt

Midas holds the second spot in the list because of its simple designs and some unique elements that make the guns and characters into gold. The Midas skin has become fan-favorite skin since the launch of Fortnite chapter two. Many players love the skin because of its simple styles and gold editions, which add a rich feel to the game. 

1. Soccer Skins

There is a lot of completion for the number one spot, although, after many options, we have gone for the soccer skins because of its popularity in the game. The soccer skins are also known as the tryhard skins in the game, which has earned it a special reputation compared to any other skin color. With the start of New Year, let us expect many more skins in Fortnite from Epic Games.    

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