The Best Keanu Reeves’ Matrix Movies to Watch: Here is the List

The Best Keanu Reeves' Matrix Movies to Watch: Here is the List
The Best Keanu Reeves' Matrix Movies to Watch: Here is the List

Some movies seem to the audience that it should never end, but in actual reality, that isn’t possible so as to keep the movie dragging. By doing so, the movies become watery and interest; indeed, the attention span of the audience keeps reducing. To eliminate the makers of the above-mentioned things of the movie, keep making sequels of the film; not only it keeps the audience is excited about the upcoming movie, but also it helps the franchise to keep the audience to them after enjoying the previous sequels. There are many franchises in the industry that have been successful in making sequels of the movie like the Avengers, Fast and Furious, Men in Black, and many others. People now love to watch the next series of the film as they get an instant connection from where they left the movie in the last part.

If you are thinking of watching a sequel like a movie after the start of this year, then you could surely once think about the famous Keanu Reeves movie that is Matrix. But, the most important thing or you can say the prerequisite of watching these movies, is that you need to go on watching the movies in chronological order.

This is because these movies are made in such a way that the coming sequel or part is interlinked or interconnected with the previous sequels. Also, you need to make sure that you aren’t leaving any utmost urgent work at bay because these movies will surely make you watch its next sequel soon after you finish one, and so you need to make sure that you have an ample amount of time before starting off with this. You should surely have a look at this article; we haven’t added any spoilers to destroy your viewing experience.

Watch Keanu Reeves’s All Best Movies- Matrix in Chronological Order
Watch Keanu Reeves’s All Best Movies- Matrix in Chronological Order

Keanu Reeves’s Matrix- A Bit Insight

We are here to talk about the Matrix series of movies, and the movie is basically based around a story of a young hacker, Neo (Keanu Reeves), who realizes that the world is now in the hands of machines and humans have now become just the slaves of the machines and the robots. The franchise had actually begun with a trilogy- that is, three films, and that’s it. But, later, seeing the popularity growing about this movie, the makers then decide to release more sequels of the movie, and indeed this movie is still the best one to watch after so many years of its inception.

The movie at that time was something out of the box because the movie had involved the audience in the story of a hacker, and it was worth watching at that time, at least. Now, the times have changed, and the people of this generation might not like to watch these sorts of movies, but it may depend on the types of movies you watch, owing to which you may or may not love to watch these types of movies. From my personal experience, I can say that Matrix is worth watching, but you may not be filled with that enthusiasm after watching these movies as you love to watch any other movie like saying Avengers series or something or some kind of Action or Sci-fictional films.

 The Matrix’s Time Travel

All of these started back in the year 1999; the franchise released its first movie- The Matrix.

Then after 4 years, that is in the year May 2003- The Matrix Reloaded.

Soon after it, in the same month of the same year (May 2003) – The fans got the Video game- Enter The Matrix.

Then just the next month, the franchise came up with- The Animatrix

Then in the November month of the same year, we got– The Matrix Revolutions

Then after 2 years, we again got a game, but this time, it was a different thing; it was The Matrix Online, an online role-playing game.

Then again, in November 2005, launched The Matrix: The Path of Neo, which was also a video game.

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Matrix- Where to Start From?

It is always suggested to start a series of the movie from the start. So, as the above order, you should start watching from the very first movie that is The Matrix; it will get you clear insights as to how and things are and will be proceeding in the film. But, you think if you clear with the insights of the beginning of the series, then you can start with any of the movies because the choice ultimately rests on you.

We have mentioned the order to watch from below and some insights about each part; you could definitely follow this-

  • Things start with The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance, Part I and Part II; the story sets itself in the mid 21st century, which covers the Machine War and the thing that machines and robots will take over humans.
  • Then follows the next part- The Animatrix: A Detective Story, here. We are taken back to the story of Trinity.
  • Just before we step into the 22 nd century, that is, in the year 2199, and we are glimpsed into The Matrix.
  • Then, The Animatrix: Kid’s Story takes us through the story of a kid who takes blue pills and gets dreams of Neo.
  • Followed by kid’s story, you need to watch The Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. This sequel will involve a story of a ship, Osiris, who is fighting till his last to save the last human city of Zion.
  • Then the things shifted from just movies, the makers went on to try their hands-on video games, and it leads to the launch of entering the Matrix, a video game which is a combination of Final Flight of Osiris and The Matrix Reloaded, which was yet to come.
  • The next coming part was already glimpsed in the video game- the coming part The Matrix Reloaded, which came after a gap of six months of the first movie.
  • Without much delay, we saw the coming of the next part- The Matrix Revolutions.
  • The best thing that makers continued to do was that they kept on launching new video games related to the game because they knew that aftereffect of a movie lasts for a very short period of time and to keep the fans grounded to the franchise there needs to be something that will remind them about the movie daily and yet the launched a new video game on that note that was- The Matrix: Path of Neo.
  • Just after the franchise launched several video games now, it planned to target the gaming audience to another level with The Matrix Online, and this game came after people found online gaming more interesting. This was a sort of online gaming option from the franchise.
  • Then they sort of stopped paying any head to The Matrix series and may have started other franchises, but it came after many requests from the fans, and the next movie that came following was The Animatrix (Program, World Record, Beyond and Matriculated).

Though now the franchise is keen on adding another movie on the board, and according to the reports that are coming on the way, it is said that the new addition to the sequel series will be The Matrix 4. The makers haven’t made their stance clear about the next sequel, but it is speculated that the Matrix 4 will be releasing somewhere in this year, only that is 2021.

Watch Keanu Reeves’s All Best Movies- Matrix in Chronological Order
Watch Keanu Reeves’s All Best Movies- Matrix in Chronological Order

Is it worth to watch all the movies of the series?

If you have time and have decided to just pass out, then you should surely watch something that is useful or that turns productive in times to come. That may be a movie or even a video. But, coming to what we have stated above, then to be very honest, only the first two movies of the sequels are worth to watch because it surely unleashes the audience the life of the hacker who faces various realities in the work domain. Because every movie don’t have that potential to be alive in the memories of its audience for a very long time

If you surely want to watch with the fact that you have ample time and which you won’t regret in the future of being wasted, then you can proceed at your will and watch the sequels of The Matrix as we have stated above. But the first 2 of the series are really worth watching, even if you think now that you can’t watch the entire set.

This has primarily because the audience in this generation has been exposed to this type of movie many times and The Matrix, though it is a good movie that fails to impress the audience of the 21st century. The taste of the audience is changing because the audience themselves are changing if you think later down the line after 20 years, the audience at that time will not love to watch the movies like Avengers, which were the most loved and most grossed films worldwide. But, with time, movies are evolving; this is because the teams of makers that are working at the back of the stages are changing or upgrading with time; the whole credits go to them.

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