Why are anime masters perverts?

Do you no longer remember the liters of blood that came out of the noses of these characters?

Something that anime and manga fans have noticed a lot, especially those of us who are enthusiasts of genres such as shonen, is that in many of these works the authors have come to capture quite risque situations, not to say fully erotic.

In this sense, it seems that a formula widely used by artists is to characterize certain teachers, such as Roshi from Dragon Ball, Jiraiya from Naruto or Happosai from Ranma and 1/2, as extremely perverted people. The motives? We will explain it to you below.

Does anyone want to think about children ?!
The truth is that there is no unilateral answer to this question because although this type of “heated” situation is already a convention within anime and manga, there are many roots that we have to unearth to trace its origin. To begin with, we can say that ecchi (Japanese word for lust or eroticism) in this type of work is an inheritance from Shunga, a pictorial genre typical of Japan quite popular in the 19th century, whose intention is to represent sexual scenes or erotic.

Another aspect that we must take into consideration is the idea that was had in the anime and manga industry a few decades ago that young men are inevitably attracted by erotic situations, and although to some extent this may be true since adolescence is the age of sexual awakening, this idea that sex sells is now anachronistic and can become quite offensive.

Finally, it is worth asking why the perverted characters in anime and manga are always masters. The reality is that this is a generalization because when it comes to capturing erotic situations in anime or manga the authors have not really made a distinction between their characters: it has been a coincidence that the most popular senseis in the industry have turned out some old perverts. Although of course, this coincidence could turn into a convention in the near future.

And you, did you already know the reason why these senseis are so perverted?