Rising stars of K-pop: girl group Rocket Punch on ‘newtro’ single Ring Ring

The subsequent young lady bunch at any point delivered by Woollim Entertainment, the music name that is home to any semblance of Lovelyz and Golden Child, six-part K-pop demonstration Rocket Punch have been delivering irresistible melodies since 2019. They returned last month with a new tune Ring on May 17. It was their first delivery since the previous summer, and by and by exhibited the gathering’s image of profoundly fiery music.

Following the arrival of Ring that includes their brilliant, “newtro” sound – a refreshed interpretation of retro melodic style – in addition to B-sides I Want U Bad and Ride, individuals from Rocket Punch imparted their musings to the Post over a video call.

You last delivered your EP Blue Punch in August. How can it feel to make your get back with Ring?

Yunkyoung: Actually, nine months is anything but a brief time frame, yet we attempted to show our brilliant energy to our fans.

What did you would like to show audience members about Rocket Punch with your new single?

Yeonhee: The idea is “newtro”. It was a test for us yet we needed to show our energy. We needed to show that we appreciate what we do in front of an audience. We generally attempt to have a great time and appreciate what we do. And furthermore, we think the introduction of Ring is habit-forming. We trust it’s the first run through our fans recollect the initial segment of the song.

You’ve been around since 2019 and consistently delivered heavenly, energizing music. How would you believe you separate yourselves from other K-pop demonstrations?

Suyun: If there is a distinction between the other sunbaenim [senior] gatherings and other K-pop specialists and us, it is that we are ready to go. We generally screen and attempt to gain from them.

Lamentably, Juri has been not able to advance the delivery appropriately because of wellbeing reasons. How has the gathering been proceeding as a five-part act?

Sohee: To be straightforward, six individuals isn’t that huge of a gathering. One of us is missing, so we made a decent attempt to fill in the unfilled spot for our exhibitions and in front of an audience.

The expression “ring” brings out a morning timer, so I was interested who has the hardest time awakening when her alert rings?

The four different individuals talked more than each other, and all concurred: Yunkyung gets up late nowadays. She used to get up ahead of schedule. In any case, these days it appears to be difficult for her to awaken.

Yunkyoung: Yes, I think I rest around 20 minutes more than the remainder of our individuals. Nowadays Suyun gets up truly ahead of schedule as she begins her day with rubs while preparing. Additionally, I am astonished by the way that Dahyun is so garrulous. From the start, I thought she was a modest and quiet individual. Yet, she has such countless things to discuss, she talks until we rest. It’s astonishing.

Dahyun: I think the explanation I talk so much is that when we are totally drained and we don’t talk, the quiet makes me languid. So I will in a general discussion of the sleepiness and keep up the energy. Be that as it may, I likewise had a similar idea with Sohee. At the point when I initially saw her I thought she was tranquil however I think she has a section that is frequently very extraordinary. Her energy is over-burden. She could be worn out by going to class and having every one of the timetables however she never gets drained. The most odd thing she said was, “I’m worried about the possibility that a hippo will gobble me up.” That was interesting.

What’s something you believe is truly interesting about another part?

Yeonhee: First of all, I might want to ensure that this is certifiably not a dismal story. All things considered, Yunkyoung appears to go crazy in front of an audience. Fretfully. I’m concerned in light of the fact that she has a terrible knee. I reveal to her she doesn’t need to destroy herself yet she doesn’t appear to see that she does. She’s relentless.

Sohee: Suyun has extremely high strain [t/n: “high pressure” is slang in South Korea alluding to great energy]. Astonishing that the strain stays consistent and doesn’t go down. During occasions with fans, I can hear her fervor from across the room.

Individuals have shared a ton of covers of late. What music is bringing you solace and motivation these days?

Suyun: Recently, I’ve been paying attention to Shinee’s most recent collection a ton. On the off chance that there is an opportunity, we need to do a dance cover too. At the point when we warm-up before our dance practice or execution, we play a great deal of Shinee melodies.

What are your objectives for 2021?

Yeonhee: I trust all individuals are sound for the remainder of 2021, and I need to see the fans face to face when the Covid-19 circumstance improves. We need to trade energy with fans and express an abundance of thanks to the fans who consistently support us in any event, when there is a clear period. We additionally get energy, so I trust we can offer energy to our fans. Much thanks to you.

The ring as of late appeared on the Billboard World Digital Songs Sales Chart. What is your opinion about this accomplishment, as it’s your first time being perceived on a Billboard graph?

Yeonhee: Since we were just advancing in Korea, we were unable to think a lot about the responses of abroad Ketchy! Every so often, we had a chance to talk just at a fan marking occasion through video call, yet with the Billboard outline, we realized that abroad individuals love Rocket Punch as well. It’s demonstrated that we’re progressing nicely. Thank you kindly. I will make it conceivable to anticipate each day later. Love you, Ketchy!