Cast of Young Riders: Where Are They Now?

The Young Riders (1989) Cast Then and Now 2023

“The Young Riders” is an American western TV series crafted by Ed Spielman, weaving a fictionalized tale around a group of youthful Pony Express riders stationed at Sweetwater Station in the Nebraska Territory, in the years leading up to the American Civil War. Some of these riders represent youthful renditions of legendary figures from the Old West. The series made its ABC debut on September 20, 1989, and ran for three seasons until its final episode aired on July 23, 1992.

The show chronicles the riders’ arduous journeys as they carry mail across the American West, confronting both human adversaries and the harsh forces of nature. Amidst these challenges, they grapple with the trials of growing up and finding their place in the world.

Throughout its run, “The Young Riders” garnered praise for its action, adventure, and historical authenticity. Notably, it launched the careers of several young actors, including Josh Brolin and Stephen Baldwin.

If you have an affinity for historical dramas or westerns, “The Young Riders” is a must-watch. This captivating and thrilling series will transport you to the Pony Express era, delivering an engaging slice of history.

The cast of The Young Riders went on to have successful careers after the show ended.

The Young Riders Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • Josh Brolin (James “Jimmy” Hickok): Brolin is still active in Hollywood and has had a successful career in both film and television. He has starred in films such as No Country for Old Men, Milk, and Sicario. He is also known for his roles in the television series The Goonies, The West Wing, and Fargo. Josh Brolin, who portrayed James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, achieved stardom following the series. He became renowned for his roles in movies such as “No Country for Old Men,” “Milk,” “Avengers,” and “Deadpool 2.”
  • Stephen Baldwin (William F. Cody): Baldwin has also had a successful career in Hollywood. He has starred in films such as The Usual Suspects, Born on the Fourth of July, and The Cat in the Hat. He has also appeared in the television series 30 Rock and The Celebrity Apprentice. After “The Young Riders,” Stephen Baldwin, known as William F. Cody, continued his acting career in various movies and television shows. He also participated in reality competitions like “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” and “Celebrity Big Brother,” alongside his involvement in evangelical Christian outreach and ministry.
  • Ty Miller (Tad Devery): Miller has had a more modest career after The Young Riders. He has appeared in a few films and television shows, but he has not had any major successes.
  • Christopher Pettiet (Jesse James): Pettiet died in 2000 at the age of 24 from a drug overdose. He had a promising career ahead of him, and his death was a tragedy.
  • Don Franklin (Buck Crossman): Franklin has had a successful career in television. He has starred in the series Chicago Hope, ER, and The Mentalist. He has also appeared in films such as The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.
  • Melissa Leo (Emma Wheeler): Leo has had a successful career in both film and television. She has won two Academy Awards, for her roles in Frozen River and The Fighter. She has also starred in the films The Departed, The Hunger Games, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
  • Clare Wren (Rachel Flagg): Wren has had a more modest career after The Young Riders. She has appeared in a few films and television shows, but she has not had any major successes.
  • Yvonne Suhor, who portrayed Louise McCloud, continued her acting career in both television and cinema, making cameo appearances in various TV programs.
  • Gregg Rainwater, who played Buck Cross, remained active in the entertainment industry, appearing in numerous movies and television shows while advocating for Native American causes.
  • Anthony Zerbe, who portrayed Teaspoon Hunter, had a well-established acting career both before and after “The Young Riders,” known for his character roles in both film and television.

These are just a few of the many cast members of The Young Riders who went on to have successful careers after the show ended. The show was a classic, and it helped to launch the careers of many talented actors.

The Legacy of The Young Riders

The Young Riders is still considered a classic Western television series. The show was praised for its realistic portrayal of the Pony Express, its complex characters, and its exciting storylines. It also helped to popularize the Western genre, and it inspired many other shows, such as Deadwood and Hell on Wheels.

The show’s legacy continues to this day. It has been released on DVD and streaming services, and it is still enjoyed by audiences around the world. The Young Riders is a classic that will never be forgotten.

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