Fern Brady Partner: Who Is The Scottish Comedian Dating In 2021?

Fern Brady Partner
Fern Brady Partner

American movie director Woody Allen once remarked that life is not an end but a way to cut expenses. People might read this statement as absurd and preposterous, but this is how a comedian views life and its absurdities. What can give out better laughter from the audience than life’s miseries? Scottish comedian and writer Fern Brady always use her life as the theme for her stand-ups. This comedian from Bathgate came from rough beginnings.

Brady had a tough childhood. She was a shy child, and the lack of self-confidence always affected her. She also could not connect with her peers and often felt left out. When she was in the university, she could not find finance to complete her studies and eventually work as a stripper. But these circumstances did not stop her from being successful. Instead of blaming her situation, Brady changed the way she approached life. This change in perspective can be seen in her comedic gags and stand-ups. In other words, she turned the table around by using her unfortunate incidents for laughs, and it worked. When you think about it, it makes sense. After all, miseries are the only things that men have in common.

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Is Fern Brady Dating?

Fern Brady is currently single. She is not dating anyone. Brady has always been private about her dating life. Even though she is rumored to have at least one relationship prior, there has not been any confirmation. In her stand-ups, she often mentions situations with her boyfriend. The comedian is known for her ways of picking instances from life as subjects for laughter. In that sense, it can be implied that she might be seeing someone. But this was in the past. In an interview, she said she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and they eventually broke up. Brady also dated a Scottish model. But he smothered her with a pillow. After these failed relationships, she is currently single. Brady identifies herself as bisexual.

Fern Brady Partner
Fern Brady In The BBC Show Fern Brady Goes Viral

Early Life

Brady was born on 26 May 1986 in Bathgate, United Kingdom. She is 34 years old. Her parents are separated, and she used to live with her mother during her childhood. Brady was shy as a child. But her life situation demanded a lot more strength from the comedian. In her days at the University of Edinburg, she lacked the finances to continue her studies. This was when she decided to work as a stripper to supplement her financial needs. Brady’s initial interest was to purchase a career in journalism. Even though she had a secret desire to do stand-ups and carve a career out of that, it felt like an unreliable career option. But once, as a part of her studies, she was given the assignment to write an article about a comedy critic trying standups. Brady describes this as the much-needed push that she expected.

Fern Brady Partner
Fern Brady In The Show Live At The Apollo

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When she was 16, Brady was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. She often opens up about her struggles with mental health. Recently she revealed about being diagnosed with autism. Brady is bisexual. All through her career, she has been vocal about heterosexual marriages and the LGBTQ community. Through her comedic gigs, she always manages to share her perspective and often calls out the hypocrisy in society.


Fern Brady did her first professional gig in May 2010. She initially envisioned becoming a journalist. But her interest in stand-ups made her eventually choose comedy over journalism. In 2011, she participated in the reality television show, So You Think You Are Funny. Brady made it to the finals and ended up winning third place. She was also a finalist Picadilly Comedy Club Act in 2012. She has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. In 2020, Brady started the BBC podcast Wheel of Misfortune along with Allison Spittle. The show is based on another BBC show, Wheel of Fortune. In 2022, she announced her 25-date tour titled Autistic Bikini Queen. The show is scheduled to start on January 25, 2022, at Salford. It concludes on March 17, 2022, at Glasgow.

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