Mary Wiseman: Is A Baby On The Way?

Is the actress expecting a baby this year or are fans over-stepping their boundaries?
Mary Wiseman Pregnancy 2021
Mary Wiseman Pregnancy 2021

Mary Wiseman was born on July 30, 1985.  She is an American actress best known for playing in the Star Trek series as Cadet (later Ensign, then Lieutenant) Sylvia Tilly! Mart Wiseman attended the DC Shakespeare Theatre’s high school outreach program before going to Boston University to get her BFA in Theatre Arts. Wiseman is proudly a part of the lgbtq+ community, she revealed that she had dated people from all genders before she got together with Noah. When she was with women, she despised it when straight-presenting women dominated discussions about bisexuality/pansexuality; she tries not to do it now that she’s with Noah, but Mary Wiseman also doesn’t want that to feel like she’s hiding anything because she decided to declare herself “queer and proud!”

Wiseman began dating Noah Averbach-Katz, a Juilliard School classmate, in 2013. On February 16, 2019, the wedding took place. She has popped up in new play productions and workshops at Playwrights’ theatres such as The Public, Soho Rep, and New York Theatre Workshop, amongst many others. She also characterizes Meg Joyce, a nurse, and Archie Ferguson’s love interest, in the television series Longmire. She has a net worth of about 1 million dollars. 

Mary Wiseman Wedding Star Trek Discovery Live Long Prosper Spock 2021 Pregnancy Rumors
Mary Wiseman Wedding Star Trek Discovery Live Long Prosper Spock 2021 Pregnancy Rumors

The Internet Is Speculating:

Despite rumors to the contrary, Mary Wiseman is not expecting a child.  Rumors began when some incredibly nosy Star Trek: Discovery TV series fans discovered that she had gained a little bit of weight between seasons and made it their order of business as if their lives depended on it. They made crude remarks about her body and labeled her a proponent of a sedentary lifestyle. The online community, on the other hand, has been quick to defend her and shut down the negative comments. 

Mary and Noah haven’t made any hints, clues, or outright pregnancy announcements in interviews or on their social media profiles. Mary’s most recent photos also don’t show a visible baby bump. The pair is very open on social media, so the rumors are false unless they come from them! 

Mary Wiseman Pregnancy Rumors 2021 Wedding 2019
Mary Wiseman Pregnancy Rumors 2021

Noah Averbach-Katz:

Noah Averbach-Katz is a well-known American actor best known for his role in the film A Bread Factory, Part One. Additionally, he appears in the 2012 short film Downtown. For more than a year, the duo has been married. They didn’t start dating until their third year at Juilliard as graduate students in a 17-member theatre group. It seemed like they were puzzle pieces that were suddenly fitting into place. He is also a huge Star Trek fan, recalling how his mother cried when he was offered a part in the series, similar to how she sobbed when his wife, Mary Wiseman, was chosen and the pair facetimed his mother. Though he believes the TV show had very little influence on his performance, he loves his part and the opportunities it provided!

Noah Auerbach Wedding Pictures Mary Wiseman 2021 2019 Star Trek
Noah Auerbach Wedding Pictures Mary Wiseman 2021

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Working With His Significant Other:

When asked how it felt to be acting with his wife Mary on screen, Noah said he couldn’t speak for Mary Wiseman, but he was having a great time. They hadn’t acted together in a year, and Noah couldn’t believe how relaxed and natural his wife was when they did their first scene together. He was extremely worried. He professes to be highly interested in the legacy of this show, and more specifically, the legacy of this cast, Alex, Heather, and Michelle. Noah Averbach-Katz believes that Star Trek fans are fortunate to have these individuals in leadership of the franchise.

Noah Mary Wiseman On Set Star Trek Discovery 2021 Wedding 2019 Pregnancy Rumors
Noah and Mary Goofing On Set

Body Positivity:

She spoke highly of the protagonist she likes to portray on the show as a refutation to the internet’s body-shaming frenzy. Tilly is very important to a lot of fans, she said. Especially for curvy women who enjoy seeing another full-figured, fat, curvy, chunky woman because it makes them feel powerful and represented. Allowing them to use one‘s size to command authority. While there is nothing wrong with being chubby, unrealistic body standards must always be rejected, especially if they are imposed by hypocrites hiding behind pixels on a screen. Mary told Forbes that she planned to utilize her position to help people bullied or had their appearances shamed. Thus far this year, her body weight does not imply that she is pregnant. 

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