Romany Malco’s Partner: Who Is The American Actor Dating In 2021?

Romany Malco Partner
Romany Malco With His Son Brave

52-year-old Romany Romanic Malco has been in prominence for a while. American actor recently welcomed his first child, and he’s flaunting fatherhood all over social media. Celebrity relationships and dating gossip are something we all look forward to. So here we are back with all the exciting facts about Romany Malco’s partner. Let’s begin the article with a brief introduction of Malco. Rapper Malco was born on November 18, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York, the U.S. He comes from Trinidad and Tobago and attended the Ross S Sterling High School after he moved to Baytown, Texas. Malco served in the United States Marine Corps from 1987 till 1991.

This year, Malco took it to IG declared the coming of his first child. For the past few days, Malco has been inactive on social media. In the same IG post, he declared his child was the reason behind the inactivity. Initially, Malco was not sure about whether he should share the good news or not. But in no time, he realized a huge crowd outside waiting to learn from Malco’s experiences. In the next section, we will look at Malco’s partner. Fans are pretty excited to know the blessed lady who stole the rapper’s heart, especially after Malco announced his first son.

Romany Malco's Partner
Romany Malco

Who Is Romany Malco’s Partner?

Fans are quite curious about Romany Malco’s partner as he purposely kept her identity under the carpet. while he welcomed his first child. It’s been a while now since the couple took their first vow. It was back in the year 2007 on the sets of the film The Love Guru where Malco met his now partner Taryn Dakha. Soon they became good friends. After seeing each other for almost a year they left the industry surprised with their marriage announcement. Malco has two step kids alone 17 years old and the other 11 year years old. And now at 52, he is blessed with his biological son Brave.

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Malco’s partner Taryn Dakha is a well-known Canadian model and. She is also known for her ice skating and super stunning stunts. She rose to prominence when she and Malco started seeing each other and especially after their marriage. It has been years now since the couple came into the conjugal relationship.  Dhaka has accumulated a net worth of around $200,00. Tanya is referred to as Malco’s ex-wife. So till now, it’s unclear about Malco’s current wife.

Malco has been quite active on social media. He has posted various photos of him and his co-starts from Million Little Things and other TV shows. His friends and family members are too spotted in a few of his photos. He extends birthday wishes to his near and dear ones through social media but when it comes to his wife he is super secretive. When Malcon announced his son Brave’s coming he kept the identity of his wife under the carpet. Macron has posted a series of photos with his son Brave. Capturing every stage of his wife and every single memory of his childhood. But in those photos to Brave’s mother was never spotted. There is no single photo on Malco’s social media with his wife. So far information about Taryn Dakha is the only thing we know.

Romany Malco Partner
Romany Malco Partner

More About Romany Malco

As per the recent reports after a few years of marriage of Taryn and Malco separated. The reason is Taryn’s extramarital affair. After her separation from Malco, she married her mystery man. In 2010 they welcomed their first child. Taryn now enjoys her life with her new partner and family. So Brave’s mother is a mystery for all the Malco Fans. As he never revealed anything about his mystery girl.

Malco is a musician, actor, and media personality. he is been an important part of the industry for decades. Still, he has managed to keep his personal and love life away from the limelight. In the year 2005, he debuted with his music career. Malco was a part of The Pest. later he was suggested to join the acting field by John Leguizamo who was quite impressed with his acting skills. Malco was stared in several well-known films and he also received well-known awards for his acting skills.

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