American Gods Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date, and Trailer Updates

American Gods Season 3 Episode 1
American Gods Season 3 Episode 1

The long wait for all the fans of the American Gods episode 1 season 3 release date has come to an end as the franchise has announced season 3. Neil Gaiman, who adapted the American Gods series, has now announced the marvelous trailer and official launch date of the American Gods season 3.

The second season of the American gods series was not enjoyed by most of the audience. All the audience and fans of the America Gods series expected a lot from the second season after a successful first season. We all are well-aware of the fact that whether it is a football franchise or a series franchise, fans always have expectations before the start of a new season, and the same goes with season 3 of the American Gods as well. 

Moreover, the lead character Shadow Moon’s life has been significantly impacted when they left Cairo in the final episode of season 2. The leaks from the new episodes of the series also suggest that the character will start a new life far away from Mr. Wednesday. Moreover, the fans also didn’t enjoy Chic Eglee taking in-charge as the show-runner. 

American Gods Season 3 Trailer Launched

Now that the trailer of the American Gods season 3 has been launched, and obviously can expect a lot of war between the old gods of the country and their new correlatives who are inspired by the likes of the media and internet technology. A lot of fans and audience of the show have commented that the trailer of season 3 is insane as Shadow Moon has claimed himself as the god, but what circumstances have driven him to this result is still unknown, and we hope the creators unleash the reasons in the next season of the series. 

We also saw a few glimpses of the addition of the new cast members in the series, which includes the likes of Shrill Star Julia Sweeny, who will be casting for the role of Hinzelmann, who will be an antagonistic local in the sleepy town of the Lakeside, Wisconsin. We will be discussing some of the latest updates associated with season 3 of the series. 

Who is Will Be Casting In The American Gods Season 3?

According to the official reports and recommended leaks, most of the cast from the first season will be retained, including the lead cast Ricky Whittle, Ian McShane, Emily Browning, and Crispin for the roles of Shadow Moon, Odin or Mr. Wednesday, Laura Moon, and Mr. World respectively. 

The creators of the show have also released news about the addition of the new cast to the show. The first and foremost addition to the show is Musician Marilyn Manson who will be casting in the role the series for a new character of Johan Wengren, who will be a Nordic death metal frontman who gets in touch with Ian McShane with the help of his “Viking Metal Band” blood death. 

Neil Gaiman himself revealed about the addition of the new character Johan Wengren who will be serving Odin and according to the maker presence of Marilyn Manson will be loved by the audience and the fans of the series. Neil Gaiman also added that the Musician Marilyn Manson is well-known for putting his energy, which is clearly transparent in his performance. 

American Gods Season 3 Episode 1
The first look of American Gods Season 3

If the leaks are true, then Marilyn Manson will be present in four episodes of season 3 of the American Gods. Apart from Marilyn Manson, Neil Gaiman also confirmed the role of the veteran actress of Blythe Danner as Demeter, who will be the Greek Goddess who will also appear for four episodes similar to Marilyn Manson. 

Moreover, some of the popular characters from the previous season will not make a return, which also includes veterans like Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy as the character has no appearance in the third season of the Neil Gaiman’s series. Orlando Jones himself confirmed on TV Line that he would not be the part of the third season of the series. 

What Is The American Gods Episode 1 Season 3 Release Date?

American Gods Season Three Will premier From Today On Amazon Prime Video; also, the latest trailer of the show was launched in early January 2021. The official creator of the show Neil Gaiman also announced on Digital spy that a lot of confusions are associated with the show, and he also met with the cast of the show on what is happening in the series. Apart from that, the veteran official creator also mentioned some details about the American Gods Season 4.

He also mentioned that Orlando Jones would not be the only person leaving the cast as Mousa Kraish, who use to play the role of the jinn, will also be joining Jones. Neil Gaiman mentioned in a Twitter post that it was an honor for him to work with Mousa Kraish and Orlando Jones’s likes.

At last, Neil Gaiman also mentioned a small hint that all the cast and crew members of the movie who will not be returning in the third season of the American Gods are not fired, and there are a few chances that all the members can make a surprise return in the series for upcoming seasons. 

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The Latest With The Updates And Leaks Associated American Gods Season 3

Well, it is obvious that the official creator of the show Neil Gaiman and the official production of the American Gods would not love to share many details about the show. Although, Neil and the official production of the series have shared a bit of news associated with the first episode of season 3. 

In a statement on his social media, the creator mentioned that he is much excited to work with the likes of Charles Chic or Eglee from the Walking Dead as the showrunner. He also added that Chic Eglee is his partner of crime and would hold the American Gods torch on the path of glory. 

In the end, he concluded the location of the filming, which is lakeside, where Shadow Moon will be hiding for some period of time in a mysterious location.

American Gods Season 3 Trailer

The official trailer of the American Gods season 3 was launched a long-back at Comic-Con New York, which showcases Shadow Moon, who comes from a mysterious, sleepy town named Lakeside, which comes up from the novel of Neil Gaiman. 

Most of the part from season 3 will focus on the relationships and the arguments between Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday, who will be having key roles in the third season of the series alongside Game Of Thrones cast Iwan Rheon and legendary Danny Trejo. All the readers can also fetch much information about the trailer mentioned below. 

What Were The Problems And Controversies Associated With The Filming Of Second Season?

Despite a marvelous first and foremost season, the American Gods had to come through some tough times due in the last couple of years. They had to face some rave reviews from the fans and had to battle issues while filming the show, and the behind the scenes leaked much information about season two. 

The arguments in the media got heated up when the two showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, had withdrawn their name from season two of the series. Also, a long-back in 2017, the Sex-Education specialist Gillian Anderson also dramatically left the production alongside Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. We all are looking forward to the third season of the series, and let us hope it also makes the audience happy on the amazon prime video

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