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Businesses Transform Surfaces into Shoppable Ad Networks as Retail Media Grows

Businesses are increasingly transforming various surfaces into shoppable ad networks, indicating a growing trend in the retail media network space. Even non-traditional retailers like...

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Generative AI’s Uncertain Future Amid Industry Risks and Regulatory Challenges

The future trajectory of generative AI is uncertain, with recent scrutiny from entities like Goldman Sachs questioning its true value amidst a flooded marketplace of AI-driven tools and platforms. Agencies are responding by cautiously navigating these technologies through sandboxes, internal AI task forces, and meticulous client contracts. While AI itself has a longstanding history, the generative AI boom emerged recently, promising efficiency for marketers but still grappling with challenges such as hallucinations, biases, data security, and significant energy consumption issues. Generative AI, extending beyond large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has permeated diverse sectors from Google search algorithms to image creation, with agencies deploying their own AI solutions. For instance, Digitas launched Digitas AI, an AI operating system,...

Trump Assassination Attempt and the Dilemma of Platform Ethics vs. Profit

The recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has brought to light a troubling intersection of profit-seeking and ethical boundaries within online platforms, particularly as the upcoming presidential race intensifies. Following the incident at Trump’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania, various opportunists swiftly capitalized on the ensuing chaos, peddling merchandise, spreading conspiracy theories, and using the event for political gain. On Meta platforms, political advertisers wasted no time in exploiting the shooting. They began marketing a range of products themed around the assassination attempt, from T-shirts and shot glasses to trading cards and coffee mugs featuring dramatic scenes of the Secret Service intervention. These ads, though often small in scale, underscored how right-wing e-commerce sites and political affiliates...