Attack On The Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers

Attack On The Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers
Attack On The Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers

Attack On The Titan’s season 4 episode 6 release date has become a trending topic on the internet. Owing to the release of Attack On The Titan’s season 4 episode 5, which has recently been released on the anime streaming platforms, a lot of audience and fans have got excited about Attack On The Titan’s season 4 episode 6 as it will be the final episode of the season. Moreover, the anime fans and audience are also excited to know more about the anime after a week-long holiday and are ready to watch Attack On The Titan’s season 4, episode 6. Here is what all the fans and the Attack audience on The Titan’s series would love to know about the release date and spoilers about the show.

The final season of the show “Attack On The Titan’s” has engaged a lot of fans in the fascinating story and exciting content. Moreover, the series’s final season is also bringing us a detailed insight into the inter-connecting links about the Titan’s, The Eldian’s, and The Marleyans and how well they are connected within the series. In episode 5 of the final season, we saw how ideal Eren came into the big picture by understanding the concepts. 

Attack On The Titan’s Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

All the fans of the series must be aware of episode 5 of the final season of Attack On The Titan. Meanwhile, this recap of episode 5 is for those people who have skipped watching episode 5 and are focusing on episode 6 of the anime. In episode 5 of the Attack On The Titan’s season 4, we saw that Tyber is well-ahead of his on-stage preparations and is discussing with Reiner and Eren. 

Moreover, Falco decides to leave, but somehow, Reiner and Eren’s partnership encourages and convinces him to join back. There are few talks going among Reiner’s mother and Annie’s father about their children’s major sacrifices and their immense hard work that has brought them to this stage of life. Reiner’s mother still has a strong belief that her daughter is still alive today. At the start of the ceremony, a soldier summons the younglings and states that commander in chief Magath is looking for them. 

Tyber Describes The Supremacy Of The Eldians’s

Finally, Tyber is all set to start his speech in which he describes Eldian’s and Titan’s and how did the former use the power of the latter to rule the region a century ago. Later on, he moved to the concept of Helos and described the ultimate battle between Helos and the Villainous King Fritz and how did he defeat him to secure peace and gratitude back into the region. 

Following the win, the king decides to move onto paradise island, where already a lot of Titans were housed. In the intervening period, the soldiers Peick and Porco have been sent to the room and then into a hole from where they can never use their powers. 

When Tyber describes the deep history between the characters simultaneously, Eren and Reiner talk about the encouragement and motivations that have driven them to commit such actions. Eventually, Tyber states that the truth is far more different, as described by the narratives. Moreover, he reveals some hidden secrets that it was King Fritz, who secured peace and Helos. Fritz swear war for peace, which lead him to the dark side of history. 

The latest updates about Attack On The Titans Season 4

What Happens In The Last Scene Of The Attack On The Titan’s Season 4 Episode 5?

At the end of the speech, Tyber dictates that Eren, who doesn’t belong to the royal blood, doesn’t have any rights to discuss and obligate King Fritz’s vision. He also subjected Eren with a so-called statement, “Threat to peace,” and highlights the statement of how people with such freaking minds can be a danger to peace. Underneath, Reiner and Eren discuss the comrades who struck their wall down. Reiner describes the mission as a retake of Titans to save the world. 

Eren then proclaims that he also chose the same option as Reiner and absolved Marilyn’s guilt. Meanwhile, Reiner stated that he had no option rather than continuing after Marcel’s death and aimed to become a hero and made Bertot and Annie, his march on forwards. It is evident from his words that he sends Eren to kill him upstairs. Naturally, the audience has been pleased with the words of Tyber upstairs and decided to avenge and declare war. 

In the last scene of Attack On The Titan’s season 4, episode 5, we see that Willy Tyber is surrounded by blood everywhere, and Eren is ready to eat Tyber. In the first part of the story, it is clear that Willy Tyber will die in the Attack On The Titan’s but will be discussing the contrasts in both manga and the anime. Willy Tyber already knew that as soon as he steps on the stage, it will be his last speech as death will be nearing him anytime once he completes his speech. Moreover, this will also be a kind of the price which Willy has to pay to rage war on Paradis Island. 

Attack On The Titans Season 4
The release date of the final season of Attack On The Titans Season 4

Magath also warned Willy Tyber about the security risks, but he decided to stay on his plan. In the anime Attack On The Titan’s, Willy looks over and seeks the speech as the last opportunity, to tell the truth about his family to the entire world, which is his big concern when compared to his life. 

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Attack On The Titan’s Season 4 Episode 6 Release Date and Where Can I Watch Anime Online?

The sixth episode of the Attack On The Titan’s is titled “ The War Hammer Titan” alongside the summary. In the upcoming episode of Attack On The Titan’s, there would be a war between titans and Paradis, and according to the title, there are high chances that we will be witnessing the new and special Titan in the show. 

The Attack On The Titan’s season 4 episode 6 release date is on January 17th. As far as the timings are considered, all the fans and audience can watch the show on Sunday at 3.45 PM EDT on the streaming platforms mentioned below. 


All the fans and audience who want to see the anime from the start can watch the highlights of the previous episodes on Crunchyroll. Moreover, the streaming platform Crunchyroll is also offering a 14-day free trial of its premium subscription similar to Netflix, where all the viewers must provide their name and account details. One can also watch all the episodes of the Crunchy roll for free but included with the ads. 

Crunchyroll is available across all the platforms like PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, iOS, Android, and PC, as well as Xbox Series X. 


After Crunchyroll, Funimation will also be streaming all the episodes of season 4 of Attack On The Titan’s on its streaming service. However, the date of the English titles about the show is yet to be announced, which will be updating further once the date is officially confirmed by the creators and from the streaming platform. 

Funimation also offers a similar policy to Crunchyroll wherein users have to provide their payment account details and can get a 14-day free trial. Funimation is also available on iOS, Android, Microsoft play store, and PlayStation. Fans can also watch the latest anime adaptions on Funimation, which is also available on the Nintendo Switch. 


Hulu will also be streaming the final season of Attack On The Titan on its platform. Hulu is also offering a free trial to all its new subscribers. The app is also available on all devices from iOS to PlayStation and Android. One can also download the Hulu anime streaming service on Amazon and Roku devices. Moreover, some smart TVs also are in-built with Hulu and provided that you can check your smart TV for the Hulu app. 

Anime Lab

Apart from the likes of Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation, the anime streaming platform Anime lab will also stream the final season of the Attack On The Titan’s. The only concern about the Anime lab is it is only available in a few regions. 

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