The Walking Dead Season 10: Series Review

For today we are going to talk about the ‘Walking Dead Season10’ reviews and ponder upon the thought was it really worth the wait However, many of you might be acquainted with the American television series, The Walking Dead. Originally under the AMC network, The Walking Dead was scheduled to be premiered on October 6th, 2019, till present.

The tenth season features sixteen episodes of the television series. However, we are in anticipation for the release of the season finale which got interrupted by the pandemic. Whenever, we through the pages of history, our time seem inked with the spread of COVID. Today especially we are going to talk about the Sixteenth season, ‘A Certain Doom’.

The Renewal of the Tenth Series:-

In 2019, an announcement regarding the renewal of the tenth season was made in February. As the Tenth season was thought to be the final season, every director was keen to direct at least one episode of the season. Finally, Michael Cudlitz directed the episode and bought laurels to the last season. The course of the finale episode of the season got interrupted and was finally premiered on October 4th, 2020. The post-apocalyptic horror was produced by Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Angela Kang, and Scott. M Gimple.

Inspired from a comic series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard, the narrative of the film seemed unsuccessful as compared to the comic.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Critics Review:-

The title of the sixteenth episode of the season was ‘A Certain Doom’. However, many critics shared mixed feelings about the episode. The character of Maggie’s return seems questionable to many. However, Maggie played a significant role during the season but the mysterious disappearance and the return seem like an illusion. On Rotten Tomatoes, the episode backed an average rating of 7.27 and consequently, got 300 reviews. However, Forbes stated, “The first three episodes are better than the last one.”

However, Comic Book appreciated the dynamic horror elements in the series that lasted a long-lasting impression on the audience. The suspense-building series is an eye-soothing candy for horror genre fans.  Originally, according to Decider, they described the series as gross, scary, and a big-budget series that was only possible through advertising. After receiving a mixed pool of reviews, the realities of the evil world were marked as the highlights of the phenomenal direction.


A Short Recap of the Season:-

Released on AMC streaming services, on 29th September 2019 starring the main cast including Ryan Hurst, Cooper Andrews, and Nadia Hilker were seen. Adding to the list are Cailey Fleming, Eleanor Matsuura, Cassady McClincy, and Loren Ridloff were seen in the series. The only loophole is the killing up the characters that could have helped to move the plot forward. The first Beta war is dragged to the end. Daryl and the ‘other’ survivors sneak through the horde while Beatrice is mercilessly killed. As a result, the group of whispers provokes Daryl’s group. Beta is hurt. At last, Eugene’s group is caught by the soldiers.