Here’s a List of The Top 10 Movies and TV Series to Watch on Apple Tv in 2020

Here's a List of The Top 10 Movies and TV Series to Watch on Apple Tv in 2020
Here's a List of The Top 10 Movies and TV Series to Watch on Apple Tv in 2020

Do you love watching tv-series and movies on streaming giants? I am sure your answer is yes because the audience is shifting towards Over The Top platforms during these times. They provide a variety of unique content, such as regional and international. Apple Tv is one such Streaming giant. It is known to be one of the most expensive ones. Apple tv provides an exceptional range of tv series and movies. Do you know what makes it so desirable? They focus on providing original tv shows and movies instead of uploading what is already available on other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. If you have already subscribed to Apple Tv, then I am sure you agree with me. Their range of content is unbeatable. Though Apple Tv was launched only a year ago, it has managed to conquer the market with a unique service. You should subscribe to it if you haven’t already.

As you are already aware of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the whole quarantine situation, you may be spending most of your time indoors. The streaming giants such as Apple Tv are continuously providing us with great quality content to keep us all entertained throughout this rough time. We bring you a list of tv series and movies that are a must-watch on Apple Tv in 2020.

Tiny World:

As the name suggests, it is a docuseries that revolves around the tiniest of living creatures that we co-exist with. Paul Rudd narrates the entire docuseries. It depicts creatures that are so small. Some are hardly visible with the naked eye. It was released on 2nd October 2020. The first season consists of six episodes, do check it out.


The series mainly revolves around a Mossad agent who has gone undercover in Tehran, Iran’s capital city. It is a must-watch series for those who love thrillers. The Mossad agent must succeed in her mission, or the consequences will be borne by Iran and the rest of the world. The series released its first season on 25th September 2020 and has 8 episodes.

Long Way Up:

If you love watching adventurous series, then this one is for you. The show features best friends traveling on their electric motorbikes. In the first season, the friends travel to Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico. The first season was released on September 18th and consisted of 11 exciting episodes.

Defending Jacob:

The series revolves around a teenage boy, Jacob, who has been accused of murdering one classmate. Jacob’s father happens to be a legal attorney. Will he be able to defend his son’s honor and save his own? You will have to watch the first season and all its eight episodes to find out. It was released on 24th April 2020.

Home Before Dark:

This is a murder-thriller series that revolves around the true-life events of Hilde Lysiak. She is a very young investigative journalist. Watch the series and join her to uncover the bitter truth behind an old case. The first season of this Turkish series was released on 3rd April 2020, and had 10 episodes.

On the Rocks:

Do you love watching romantic-comedy movies? If yes, then this one is the perfect fit for you. It stars Bill Murray and Rashida Jones. Jones, who plays the character of Laura, is afraid her husband might be having an affair. To find out if he is really having an affair most comically, you must watch the movie. It was released on 23rd October 2020. You will surely find yourself laughing on the floor.

Boys State:

Do you enjoy movies surrounded by political mechanisms? If you do, then you must watch the Boys States. It is a documentary that will give you valuable insights into the 2018 Boys State in Texas. It was released on the 14th of August 2020.

Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You:

The movie is a documentary film that revolves around Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s life. The documentary shows certain important behind the stage tasks that must be completed to succeed in their new album. The album is called “Letter to You.” The movie was released on 22nd October 2020. It is sure to grab your attention because it reveals at least 10 final performances in the album.


Are you a fan of Tom Hanks? If your answer is yes, then congratulations because this movie stars Tom Hanks. It is a thriller movie where Tom Hanks (Krause) must escort a convoy of Merchant Allied ships towards the North Atlantic region. Will he successfully fulfill this mighty task? Watch the movie to find out. The Show was released on the 10th of July 2020.

The Banker:

True-life events have inspired the movie. It showcases the lives of two businesspeople who pretend to be a chauffeur and a janitor. They are determined to grow their business and make millions of dollars secretly. It was released on 20th March 2020, do give it a watch because it is worth your attention.

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