Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi Bomb Disappoints More Than Sadak 2

Akshay Kumar's Laxmi Bomb Disappoints More Than Sadak 2
Akshay Kumar's Laxmi Bomb Disappoints More Than Sadak 2

Akshay Kumar’s recent release, Laxmi Bomb, has stunned the Indian audience. They cannot be more disappointed. For those of you who thought the worst of 2020 is over, it’s not. Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi Bomb is the perfect example of that. Disney+ Hotstar provided its platform for the movie’s release; it has definitely caused the OTT platform to fall a step back in the race to be India’s most-watched OTT platform. The movie’s storyline was worse than Sadak 2. Laxmi Bomb surely takes the lead in being the worst created movie of the year 2020.

During times like these, with a global pandemic going on, good content is all that keeps us going. Laxmi Bomb is exactly the opposite of that. Some rumors and speculations were going on about Laxmi Bomb’s theatrical release. Fortunately, they weren’t true. For those of you who had plans to watch it in the theaters, must be extremely glad. You saved yourself money. This movie is not worth paying for. Laxmi Bomb is definitely one of Akshay Kumar’s terrible projects. Laxmi Bomb’s release has increased the value of the Houseful series of movies. You would have definitely watched the Houseful movies. Could anything be more bizarre as those movies? Well, now we have an answer for you; it is the Laxmi Bomb.

The inspiration for Laxmi Bomb was taken from a movie released back in 2011 called Kanchana. Though this movie wasn’t any better, it was bearable to a certain extent. Laxmi Bomb’s story revolves around the transgender community. In today’s age of spreading awareness about those less fortunate and treating them equally, you’d think the movie is a perfect fit. However, this perspective will change after watching Laxmi Bomb’s faulty approach towards the transgender community in our society.

The movie also features Kiara Advani, who plays the role of Rashmi. Rashmi is married to Akshay Kumar, who plays the role of Asif. He is a rationalist till some superpowers take over his body. In a movie starring Akshay Kumar, you’d expect lots of laughter. You do get that in the movie, but those moments are rare. They will not stick with you till the end of the movie. After a few comical parts, you will not be able to stand the movie. Laughter will start to fade away, and all you’ll be left with is disappointment and sorrow. After watching the first few minutes, you will surely regret starting the movie in the first place.

The plot of the movie is disgraceful to the transgender community. It is almost as if they are making a mockery out of their lives. The creators of the movie did not take a realistic approach while making the movie. Several areas require improvement, but now the deed has been done. The movie has been released on Disney+ Hotstar and has received a massive backlash from India’s audience. If they had considered some actual factors affecting the transgender community, then maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Stay tuned with us for more honest reviews!

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