I Carry You With Me Will Arrive By Early 2021

I Carry You With Me Will Arrive By Early 2021
I Carry You With Me Will Arrive By Early 2021

Sony Pictures Classics has decided to premiere the American -Mexican Spanish language drama film  I Carry You With Me, directed by Heidi Ewing; it was adopted from a screenplay by Ewing and Alan Page Arriaga. It’s a beautiful love story of two Gay, with a tragic twist of family relation. At the Sundance Film Festival, It had its world premiere on January 26, 2020. Now, by Sony Pictures classics, It is scheduled to be released on 8 January  2021.

Heidi has made many documentaries, including Jesus Camp, the Oscar-nominated makes her first direction into narrative filmmaking. Initially, She began the project as a documentary portrait to tell a story of real-life subjects Iván and Gerardo, later she comes up with interesting ideas and decided to cast actors to play the two men in re-enactments of their early lives — both as children and adults. One of the movie’s rare qualities to exploit narrative storytelling in a documentary form is that the film’s trailer highlights how effective the balance is throughout its unveiling.

I carry you with Me is a true story of a gay couple from Mexico who risk their lives for their liberty,  love. Mexican movies having LGBTQ is rare, and the idea of a movie to combine two styles of filmmaking is unique. Still, Ewing’s approach needs more accuracy .there were drawbacks like narrative scenes were incomplete. It made it hard to stay committed throughout. The actors don’t seem to be playing the same two people; their characters weren’t justified to the present self; they moved to New York, isolated in New City, and unable to visit the families they left behind in Mexico.

I Carry You with me: When Will It Release?

In April 2020, the film was ready to telecast at the Tribeca Film Festival, but the festival got canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, It has caused troubles in every area. It was screened at the New York Film Festival on 2 October 2020.  It is scheduled to be released on January 8, 2021. Its runtime is 111 min.

I carry You with me Cast Details.

The main cast of I carry you with me includes Armando Espitia as Iván,Christian Vázquez as Gerardo, Ángeles Cruz as Rosa Maria, Arcelia Ramirez as Madga, Michelle Rodríguez as Sandra, Raúl Briones as Marcos, Luis Alberti as Cucusa, Pascacio López as César and Michelle González as Paola.

 I carry you with Me Plot

It’s a story of lover birds in Mexico, two gay men meet and fall in love. Developing love between a young  Iván played by Armando, an aspiring chef, and works at a restaurant. He dreams of being a chef and able to cook while supporting his child and its mother. His love story begins when he meets a   teacher named Gerardo as Christian Vazquez, who is an out gay man; the two develop an instant connection, a spanning romance begins in Mexico. One day they elope to New York, leaving everything behind. Each emigrates to New York to build a better life and the second to join his lover. They discover that the American dream happens slowly, and despite the pain of separation from family in Mexico, they build a new life. It’s the story of a couple to embark on a treacherous journey to New York with dreams, hopes, and memories.

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