Apple All Set To Launch Its First Foldable iPhone By September 2020 Reports Suggest

Apple All Set To Launch Its First Foldable iPhone By September 2020 Reports suggest
Apple to launch a new foldable iPhone by 2022

According to a report from Apple’s official developers, the US-based tech company is developing its new and first foldable iPhone. The official reports also confirmed that if all the things go in the right way, they will be launching their first foldable iPhone by the end of September 2022. The leaks also confirmed that the Cupertino tech-giant would be purchasing materials from Taiwan-Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon for its brand new foldable iPhone.

The new foldable iPhone will become with an OLED display or might be having new Micro LED display technology. The leaks also stated that Samsung would be providing display panels for Apple’s first foldable iPhone. Apple is still at the beginning stage of production as they are testing the bearings and screen of their first foldable iPhone. 

Hon Hai to be Apple’s largest manufactory for iPhone raw materials.

The leaked news from Money. udn. Com, which is a Taiwan-based media site, stated that Apple is thriving hard to bring its new foldable Apple iPhone by September 22. The Taiwanese media platform also confirmed that Apple is currently working on the preliminary stage of the project, where it will be testing the screen and bearing of the new foldable iPhone. The great news for all tech-experts is Samsung will be helping Apple by supplying its display panels for the production of the new foldable iPhone.

According to the leaks and reports, New Nikko will act as a key member in the supply chain while Hon Hai will be assembling the new Apple foldable iPhone. Hon Hai will be Apple’s largest foundry for mass producing and assembling foldable iPhone.

The role of New Nikko and Nippon Nippon in the development of foldable Apple iPhone

Both New Nikko and Nippon will be mass-producing the bearings for its new Apple foldable iPhone. The reports also include that the R & D wing of the Taiwanese interference will play a massive role in developing a foldable iPhone. The new Apple foldable iPhone will take around one Lakh test for functionality and durability before it confirms the foldable iPhone.

Apple All Set To Launch Its First Foldable iPhone By September 2020

Earlier attempts to launch Apple foldable iPhone failed.

Well, this is not the first time the Cupertino giant has tried to launch a new foldable iPhone. Apple released a patent of its foldable iPhone in February 2020, but it failed in many aspects. The patent did not possess ample screen-space on both sides of the display, affecting the individual screens’ aspect ratio. The only good which helped the developers is the movable hinge, which did not create grease between both the screens when folded.

Samsung is the first company to launch a foldable device named Samsung Z fold, launched in 2019. Samsung Z fold made too many delays and postponed, but the second edition of the phone Samsung Z fold 2 came quickly without any delay. Apple will be pushing its developers to release the phone by September 2022 without any delays.          


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