Samsung 600 Mega-Pixel Camera Leaked But To Face Serious Problems

Samsung to launch new device with 600 megapixels
Samsung to launch new device with 600 megapixels

Samsung is looking forward to taking camera war with its competitors to the next level. According to Live Mint, the Samsung developers are working on a 600 megapixels device. There is no doubt that the information is not new as in earlier 2020, we heard from the South Korean tech giant that it is working on a 600-megapixel sensor. A presentation was leaked from a renowned tipster who highlighted the 600 mega-pixel projects from Samsung along with some serious technical issues.

The presentation and images were shared by a decent tipster, Ice Universe, which had a slide representing the new 600-megapixel project from Samsung. Recently, Ice Universe shared a slide on its official Twitter handle, which reveals that Samsung is working on a new camera that can offer both 4K and 8K video clarity to the users. We would discuss the challenges of Samsung while developing the camera and how the launch of the new device changes the market perception for high-end specs devices. 


What is the big challenge or problem Samsung is facing for developing such a powerful camera?

One of the prominent concerns for Samsung is the bump and size of the camera, which will make it difficult for the developers to pack it at the rear end. According to the report, the six-hundred-megapixel camera is supposed to reserve twelve percent of total space in the rear end, which will make the device look awkward. Moreover, the camera’s bump is sized 22 mm Approx, which will make the phone a bit fat. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 is only 7.9 mm thick then just imagine the size of a 22 mm camera bump, which will make the device thick.

According to the experts, if the developers don’t shrink the camera bump size, then the new device’s thickness will be thrice as thicker as Samsung Galaxy S20. The slide also stated that Samsung would be using ISOCELL, which will be responsible for reducing the camera’s size. Although Samsung has stated that they will be using tech-help, it is still difficult to reduce the size of a 600-megapixel camera.      

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What is the need for a 600 mega-pixel smartphone in the global market?

Since the development of smartphones from the start of this decade, the camera’s battle has always been in the heat between manufacturers. Today, we can find 64 MP in the low-end to mid-end budget smartphone. Today, we can find a 108-megapixel smartphone in the market, and the rumors are also stating that a 256-megapixel device is not far from arrival.

One of the megapixels’ prime advantages is they help in zooming without a reduction in the image or video quality. According to the technological geeks, the smartphones really don’t need such a large camera as the secondary and tertiary sensors are doing a great job as far as smartphones are concerned. The six-hundred-megapixel camera can do a great job in surveillance cameras, drones, and satellites.      

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