Apple Has Finally Launched Its New Apple AirPods Max Headphone At 59,900 INR and 549 USD

Apple Has Finally Launched Its New Apple AirPods Max Headphone At 59,900 INR and 549 USD
Apple Has Finally Launched Its New Apple AirPods Max Headphone At 59,900 INR and 549 USD

Apple has finally launched its most awaited AirPods Max. The premium headphones are priced in India as 59,900, which is even more expensive than the country’s iPhone 11. The price of the Apple AirPods Max in the US is 549 dollars, which is roughly around 40,500 INR. The Apple AirPods Max is taking orders from customers on the official Apple website and authorized Apple retailers. The Cupertino giant will also start shipping on December 15.

What are the features of the new Apple AirPods Max?

Well, we need to discuss the features as the new Apple AirPods Max is priced at a whopping 549 Dollars. According to Apple, the new AirPods Max headphone will feature custom Acoustic music along with H1 chips; The company also claims that the new Apple AirPods Max headphones will offer a full-battery run of twenty hours with noise cancellation. The addition of the new feature in the AirPods Max will ensure that it stores the headphone battery when not in use to add a long-lasting run to the headphone.

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Apple AirPods Max designs and dynamics

The exteriors of the new Apple AirPods Max are made from substantial stainless steel and mesh material canopy. The digital features of Apple AirPods Max designs are inspired by the Apple watch and take some features from the Apple Watch. Some of the key features in the Apple AirPods Max include a pause or play sound, skip music tracks, answer or decline calls, and will be well-equipped with Apple Virtual Assistant Siri.

Apple will offer a 40 mm driver along with new Apple H1 chips in both the ear cups respectively. Apple also claims that the Neodymium ring magnet motor’s inclusion will ensure that the distortion of the headphones and noise will be less than 1% even in maximized volume rooms.

The new Apple AirPods Pro Max also uses the Adaptive EQ, which adjusts the sound based on the user’s needs. The Adaptive EQ measures the sound signal and adjusts the low and medium-range frequencies to provide relaxing music to the users.

What is the new transparency mode in Apple AirPods Max?

One of the great features of the new Apple AirPods Max is the transparency mode, where the users can use the headphone for dual tasking. For example, the users can use the Apple AirPods Max to listen to songs. They can also hear the environmental surroundings for calls or any other messages without disturbing the audio quality of the headphones. The seamless switching feature in Apple AirPods Max will also make sure that the sound flows correctly in iPhone, iPad, and iMac. The users can also take a call on the headphones from the iPhone while using it for iMac.

The users can activate the new active voice cancellation feature in each ear cup due to the three-outward facing microphones, which detect the environmental noise, and one earphone monitors the inner noise that reaches a listener’s ears.

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