Apple To Launch New Mac Processors In Early Half Of 2021 To Add Competition To Intel’s Fastest Processor

Apple To Launch New Mac Processors In Early Half Of 2021 To Add Competition To Intel’s Fastest Processor
Apple To Launch New Mac Processors In Early Half Of 2021 To Add Competition To Intel’s Fastest Processor

A piece of great news for all the Apple Mac users is Apple is thriving hard to launch a new series of high-performance Mac processors in the early half of 2021 to surmount Intel’s fastest processor in the global market. The Cupertino giant’s chip makers are currently developing the M1 chip from Apple’s first central Mac processor that was launched in November. If the company’s claim is not a rumor, then we are sure that Apple will outperform the latest and the fastest Intel chips to snatch the number one position in the global chip market.

People who invest in the stock market must have seen the downfall of 2.9% in Intel’s share and a upraise of 1.3% in Apple’s share market after the news.

Apple new Mac processors to feature in Mac Book Pro laptop and Mac Mini desktop

According to the leaks, the new series of Apple’s Mac processor series will feature in the new entry-level Apple Mac Book Pro laptop and the new Mac Mini desktop. The new series of M1 chip is also expected to drive the Mac Book Air range from the Cupertino-California tech giant. Apple also announced that they are working at their full-force to launch the new chip in late spring or early fall of 2021.

The new Apple processors are also expected to run for both low-end and high-end iMac desktops with the New Mac Pro workstation. By seeing Apple’s confidence in its engineering and products, the company can indeed outperform Intel’s fastest processor in the world. Also, Apple is also planning to launch two new chips in 2021, which are highly-anticipated by the users and tech-geeks. Apple also stated that they have to move the transition from Intel to Apple in 2022.

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What will be the impact of the Mac processor transition on Intel?

Already Intel gets less than 10 percent of the total revenue from Apple for providing Mac chips to its products. Apple’s new decision will also make a turbulence shift in Intel’s PC market share with better-performing processors and computers. If Apple succeeds in its claim, it would be a new evolution in the global market, which depends a lot on Intel for processors. The new change will also bring innovation in the chip-manufacturing industry, where Intel has to battle it out with competitors for success.

The official spokesperson from Apple also declined the statement as it will take a long time for the company to optimize the chip in all of its products. The new Mac processors series will only be available for a few products, and the company will look forward to future prospects if things go in the right way.

Apple is also busy working on new graphics upgrades in 2021, which will be dedicated to 64 to 128 cores. According to the Apple engineers, the new graphic chips will also be more viable than AMD and Nvidia chips, which Apple is currently using for its high-end specification products.

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