Justice League Misconduct and Allegations Comes To An End

Justice League Misconduct and Allegations Comes To An End
Justice League Misconduct and Allegations Comes To An End

The investigation of Justice League Misconduct and all the allegations alongside the investigation has come to an end. Ray Fisher, the Cyborg actor, was the first to raise the allegations on Justice League production and misconduct. The Cyborg actor started the first allegations and misconduct a few months ago in July, where he mentioned the allegations and misconduct he faced from the senior crew members of the Justice League.

One of the most dreaded allegations from Fisher was on the director Joss Whedon whom he charged for the unprofessional and abusive feature. He also added that Joss Whedon was added by Geoff Jones and executive producer of DC entertainment Jon Berg. When the issue got the spotlight, Warner Studios had launched an investigation after receiving consistent claims from Fisher and the entire cast team of the Justice League.

Why did the Justice league have to file an investigation into the allegations?

Well, Warner bros and Justice League did not have many intentions in the battle, but they had to come into it when the legendry director Zack Snyder resigned from his post for the project. The reshoots of the movie had become an interesting point for debate for all the fans as they started speculating that Justice League had already changed the tone, direction, and the core message of the project. Justice League piled up the final message of weird concepts as a movie that no fans would have loved to entertain and enjoy from such a reputed organization.

When things got out of control, and a lot of fans started discussing, which led to deprival of the brand value of the Justice League. Warner Bros had to bring Joss Whedon into the project then to cool things down, but it later resulted in intensifying the environment. 

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Ray Fisher’s point on the end of Justice League misconduct and allegations investigations

Finally, Ray Fisher, the Cyborg actor, had released an official announcement after the investigation from Warner Bros Media. Although, he felt free to share the full tweet from Warner Bros related to the battle. In the tweet, Ray Fisher mentioned that they were happy to see the courage of Fisher to come up with the inclusive allegation alongside all other crew members and partners.

Well, this is not the first time when Ray Fisher has been open to sharing all his experiences vocally on social media. Also, according to Ray Fisher, the investigation felt to be unfair, and we can see that he is not pretty much impressed with the investigation. In September, Warner Bros came up with the news that Ray rejected to meet with the investigator to help them find a potential solution for the problem. Ray Fisher rejected the claim and responded that he definitely spoke to the investigator from Warner Bros. 

Also, a lack of official details will lead to an open door for investigations. Meanwhile, the Justice League shooting has begun, and we can also soon witness any public announcement in the future.   

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