Intel Released Three New Optane Drives With A World’s Fastest SSD

Intel Released Three New Optane Drives With A World’s Fastest SSD
Intel has launched three new Optane drives.

Intel has released three new Optane drives which will increase the manufacturer’s worth in the global tech market. One out of the three new Optane drives is one of the World’s swiftest SSD data center. The general manager of Intel’s Optane storage drives David Tuhy announced in the Intel memory and storage event that the new addition to the P5800X enterprise SSD is one of the fantastic SSD’s in the world.

Intel has released three new Optane drives:

Intel is one of the largest manufacturers of data center SSDs, along with memory Optane products. The three editions of the Optane drives from Intel include the H20, P5800X, and the PMem Persistent Memory 200 series. The three new data drives have launched for three new categories which include H20 for clients, P5800X for data center SSD, and PMem 200 for data center memory.             

What Is The 3D X Point Second Generation Technology In New Intel Data Drives?

 All the three new drives from Intel will come with the 3D X point second-generation technology. The new 3D X point second-generation technology comes with new controllers with four new festoons of cells along with two decks in the first generation. The decks and the new controllers will ensure that the device runs without lag, and users can experience high-performance when compared to the antecedent. 

Here is what tech-freaks would love to know about the three new data drives and their full-specifications further in this article. 

1. H20 

The new H20 is a single-stick like technology format drive which will find its primary application in all the thin and light notebooks and is quite well-optimized and developed when compared to the H10. We can see a couple of 32GB second generation slug along with the second generation 3D Optane large lump containing QLC 3D NAND. The QLC 3D NAND consists of 144 layers. Intel has used the new RST technology in the H20 which will help it to work faster Optane Cache with other NAND data. Also, the H20 SSD will be much faster and provide high-performance when compared to the H10 SSD.

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2. P5800X

The P5800X Intel SSD drive will support U.2 format, and it was previously called as the alder stream or the P4800X. The P5800X SSD drive use 2 D 3XP technology along with PCIe 4.O bus which provides support for 1.5 Million read with IOPS write up of 7.2 GB per second. The P5800X speed is much faster than P4800X. The new P5800X capacity will come with 400 GB, 800 GB, 1.6 TB, and 3.2 TB.

3. PMem 

The Optane Persistent Memory 200 series had already been launched a long back in June as Barlow pass. The PMem 200 series use DIMM factor which helps the device to connect it with the CPU through a memory bus.

Intel is also planning to bring the new technologies in its future SSD drives. The future devices will be paired with Intel’s Granite Rapids CPU. Let us hope we get a lot of high-performance devices from future Intel drives.       

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