After the Indian Worker’s riot Wistron Under a Probation Period from Apple

After Indian workers riot, Wistron under probation period from Apple
After the Indian Worker's riot Wistron Under a Probation Period from Apple

If we talk about tech companies, Apple is a kind of company whose GDP crosses 80% of the countries of the world. As we all know, Apple is best known for making iPhones. For those who don’t know, Apple has various partners across the world that handle the distribution and assembling of iPhones in different countries. One such partner of Apple is Wistron.

What’s the full story?

Recently Wistron is making headlines everywhere due to the incident that happened in the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore. There was an attack on Wistron’s office in Bangalore. And after some research, it was found out that the attack was done by the employees of the facility. They were very disappointed with not getting paid on time.

What’s Apple’s next step?

Well, as we all know, Apple isn’t a small company; they won’t take this thing so lightly. Therefore, Apple has now put its partner, Wistron, on notice for the incident that happened in Bangalore. As Apple has very strict rules for its partners, Apple said that Wistron had violated the “Supplier code of conduct.” As told, Wistron was not able to handle their working hours correctly, which made payments delay.

Now Wistron has also admitted that it didn’t pay their employees in the month of October and November on time.

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What was Wistron’s plan?

After Indian workers riot, Wistron under probation period from Apple
After the Indian worker’s riot, Wistron under a probation period from Apple.

As sources tell, the company hired 20,000 more employees to extend their operation. Wistron, set up in India, wanted to increase its operations to a wide range. But this could not help them and lead to a terrible mistake. But it wasn’t able to cope up with the workforce.

As everyone knows, everything has been affected by the Corona epidemic, due to which the company has a short delay in paying its employees,  although the company says that it has made full payment, but the local contractor has not given its employees daily pay.

Wistron under probation

As the further investigation was carried out, it was found that Wistron has 5,500 workers who are way more than the allowed numbers. Not only that, but the investigation also revealed other violations like underpayment for contract workers, wrong HR management, housekeeping staff.

Even female employees were made to do overtime without any legal authorization. And obviously, Apple will not tolerate this.

So now, the company is under probation, Apple will still continue to monitor Wistron will handle the situation. Wistron lost millions of dollars of property and iPhones.

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