After A Huge Movie Release Disney+ and HBO Max got an increase in subscribers

After A Huge Movie Release Disney+ and HBO Max got an increase in subscribers
After A Huge Movie Release Disney+ and HBO Max got an increase in subscribers

OTT platforms are a new revolution and from when these apps came to light, they lead to an increase in the content as well as quantity. These days unique content is the thing that audiences crave for. HBO max and Disney+ recently gained a lot of hype and app downloads. Both the platforms loaded their apps with tons of streaming Content that boomed their business in just a short time span


After the release of Wonder Woman HBO, max gained the highest record of downloads in a single day. On the weekend the app installs were 554,000 installs and hold the record for a single day that is about 244,000 on Sunday. The app currently holds 12.6 million subscribers. Although the app is available only in the USA yet half of the total audience of Wonder Woman watched the movie on the HBO application. Wonder Woman earned about 16.7 million.

Rates: HBO max has a subscription amount of 14.99 dollars although subscribing for 6 months will give you a discount.

Disney +

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Along with HBO, Disney + also gained a lot of downloads. During the pandemic children stuck at home had increased the downloads by 28% during Christmas weekend. A total of 2.3 million downloads were recorded by the weekend. Disney Pixar’s ‘soul’ grabbed the attention on the platform and earned about 7.6 million on Christmas Eve.

Disney + was launched last year in November and had 87 million subscribers in total. The company lately completed the windup of various movies earlier to take advantage of the heavy user ratings. Both HBO and Disney+ have boomed their business just because of the Corona Pandemic where the Audience has switched to OTT platforms.

Rates: Disney+ has comparatively cheaper monthly plans compared to other streaming platforms. The platform gives its subscription at only 6.99 $ per month and for early subscription, two months will be given for free at 69.99 dollars.

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After January first HBO Max will be loading the streamline with popular content such as friends. HBO Max has brought over the sitcom, and now Netflix won’t stream friends for the next decade. The rights have been brought over for the extraordinary amount of 425 million.

NBC Universal’s Peacock

NBCUniversal’s Peacock too is coming up in their game and have increased the subscriber’s to a total of 26 million. The platform has various tv shows and a collection of great movies. The subscription rates are extremely cheap of only 4.99 $ per month although the app will show ads. For the add free version, an amount of 9.99$ has to be paid.

Every streaming platform is chasing after the king Netflix with about 167 subscribers. Although all others are way back in terms of subscribers but gaining a lot of speed just because of the content popularity and audience’s change in choices. By the end of 2021, many platforms can be seen hand in hand.

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