Ram Prasad Ki Tervi Review: A Detailed Insight to Family Politics

Ram Prasad Ki Tervi
Ram Prasad Ki Tervi Review

Here is what all the fans were waiting for as the Ram Prasad Ki Tervi review is here with some detailed insights about the rich family politics and immense drama. The movie Ram Prasad Ki Tervi is also the first movie or a debut movie as a director for Pahwa, who is one of the promising directors of the Bollywood industry’s future.

The movie premiered at the Jio MAMI 21st Mumbai Film Festival in 2019 and made a theatrical release in the New Year of 2021 after the movie “The Sky is pink,” which is directed by Shonali Bose and the common point of consideration between both the movies is the “Death.” Here is a complete overview of one of the best films of the year, “Ram Prasad Ki Tervi.” 

Two Indifferent Ways Of Contrasting Death 

At the start of the movie, we have two different humorous concepts about how to deal with the death of a person you have been in close proximity to. In a simple way, the film deals with how you can deal with the death of your loved one. When the concern is about the plot, all the experts gave some positive reviews, but it lacked narration, which was also considered a prime aspect.

Ram Prasad Ki Tervi Review
Ram Prasad Ki Tervi Review

The lead role in the movie Supriya Pathak is left alone after his husband Naseeruddin Shah’s death and has to face situations like the Baghban Movie. Sons and daughter-in-law seem to just act like they are mourning their father’s death, but their face clearly indexes that they consider their mother a burden. 

A Common Indian Tradition At The Start

The movie starts with the death of Naseeruddin Shah as Ram Prasad, who dies due to a cardiac arrest which is the father of four sons. Along with their wives and children, all the four sons visit their father’s native place to grieve along with their mother. Similar to any other death in the India, the funeral takes place on the second day of the death. 

The prayer meets are also extended for a duration of thirteen days, termed as “Tervi” in Indian tradition. The thirteen-day visit turns out to be a big nuisance for all the siblings for Ram Prasad as they have chosen a city life and now have to stay in such a rural place for such a long period of time. There was quite a problem with the tone of the movie as it could not directly into a single direction, either drama, comedy, emotions, or any other category. 

The movie seems like a pendulum oscillating between comedy and emotional drama despite having some great plot to act over. 

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Supriya Shines Once Again With Her Role

The only character in the movie which brought some shine is the character of “Supriya Pathak,” but on the other hand, the other co-actors of Supriya didn’t match her acting skills. The movie’s plot was set in such a way that it seemed like a family ensemble, which made sure that there must be even screen time for the entire family. Fans were eager to watch her in the movie, and probably the best scene for the majority of fans is when she catches her entire family red-handed she burst out with anger but later apologizes for her mistake. The feeling of Supriya was expressed in a natural way, which makes the scene one of the best works of the actress in her entire career. 

Generic Editing Combined With Traditional Directional Skills 

Dipika Kalra took the movie’s editorial responsibilities along with basic cinematography, which did not match her levels as fans expected much better about the project. Moreover, ordinary costume designing and background were also among the many reasons why most of the fans got bored in the middle of the movie. In a simple way, Seema had a great plan in mind but lacked in executing it with professionalism, which doesn’t mean that the director lacks professionalism, but we mean that she could have done better with the project. 

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