All American Season 3 Episode 2: How to Survive in South Central Spoilers and Review

All American Season 3 Episode 2
All American Season 3 Episode 2

When All American brought its season premiere, the show’s fans saw how Spencer finally revealed Billy about his arm. Now the most important question that has arisen in the audience is about whether or not Spencer will able to play football for this installment. These fans are also eagerly waiting to know about everything that happened between Olivia and Spencer during this summer. Episode 2 of Season 3 of All American starts with Spencer along with Lyla. They both are at Spencer’s residence and having a conversation about going to the first day of school and how they both will have to spend a year away from each other.

Fans of the show already know that Spencer will go for his first day back at South Crenshaw. Many fans questioned how his old school would welcome him? The viewers of the show can witness Spencer’s old school welcoming him with warm hearts. Though it was a Happy welcome, many other people were very less resentful and enthusiastic in having him back at the school. In Beverly high school, you will witness Olivia along with Asher. Both of them are walking through their school. As the episode continues, we can see Lyla, who introduces herself to the daughter of a new coach. Olivia started to acknowledge her already.

All American: What’s the show about?

All American is a sports plus drama series. The show is inspired by a true story. It’s about an NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger. April Blair is the director of the show that first premiered on 10th October 2018. Daniel Ezra has played the lead role in the show, aka Spencer Paysinger. It is an ensemble family drama and an inspiring about a young boy, Spencer James, who is addicted to football. The show covers the story of this hero. You can see mysteries coming your way as you keep watching this show.

All American: Cast

  1. Daniel Ezra playing the lead role of Spencer James (real-life hero)
  2. Samantha Logan Playing the role of Olivia Baker
  3. You can see Michael Evans as Jordan Baker.
  4. Taye Diggs as Billy Baker
  5. Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating
  6. Cody Christian as Asher Adams
  7. Bre-Z as Tamia Copper
  8. Monet Mazur playing the role of Laura
  9. Karimah Westbrook as Grace James
  10. Jalyn Hall as Dillion James
  11. Chelsea Tavares as Patience

All American Season 3 Episode 2: Recap!


All American Season 3 Episode 2
All American Season 3 Episode 2

Episode 2 of Season 3 of All American, titled “How to survive in South Central?” took us down the summer before a senior year with some of their characters. All American has done a very great job of unraveling more mystery of the season.

What will you expect when a team gets a new coach, and they feel that he doesn’t belong to your team, and half of them agree and half of them don’t? Conflict, Conflict, and Conflict!

The audience can see that this new coach is her mother. At starting, Asher goes to see the coach and explains his past life tale to her. He also revealed to the coach that how he is still not provided with permission to play. He also tells the coach that he is not allowed to do a normal practice with the team too.

After that, a new bunch of knowledge came to the boys that their team positions are to be changed. The main question stands here that Jordan will still be starting in the form of a quarterback. As the episode continues, Coop went to see Preach. Preach is still thinking that Coop is the one who managed to get him out of jail. But it was Mo. When he got to know about this, he was astonished, but he said that he would take care of it.

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Crenshaw High School situation

Now, what’s going on at Crenshaw high school? In Crenshaw high school Billy will have the very first team meeting. But when he reaches the meeting spot, he realizes that more than half of his team members are missing. Due to some of the GPA requirements alterations, more than half of the team members were transferred to play.

As the episode continues, we see Kia and Spencer walking around the school after their daily practice. They were discussing how their team is having a tough time playing as a team. On the other hand, Spencer only wants Chris to have at least a conversation with the rest of the team. At the same time, Chris wanted Spencer to talk with Billy about his position in the team.

All American Season 3 Episode 2: Female Football coach

In real life, too, we don’t often get to see a female football coach. It really sucks that she always had to address and prove herself legit that she understands football. And it was not her first coaching place where she has to assure the team that she is legit and knows everything about football. But this football coach is a badass, and as more episodes will come, she will clearly play a huge role.

Another fantastic moment from Episode 2 of All American was when Lyla resolved the conflict that Coop decided to unleash on her. This was very uncalled for. The fight between the two Never ended in the episode. The way she maintained professionalism with Coop was very outstanding and surprising. Although she was her friend but her manager, the way she created boundaries between the two was obvious and great. Not only this, but she also got Patience on her team. On the other hand, Lyla took this ownership job very beautifully, and it was worth watching. After what she’s been in the last season, it was very great to watch her coming back on track again.

Release Date: All American Season 3 Episode 3

All American Season 3 Episode 2
All American Season 3 Episode 2

Coop is very much excited to open her check that she got from the summer tour. In Beverly, patience is the only thing that videotapes her reaction. After that, Asher saw Coach’s daughter, Vanessa. That’s not very surprising because they both were aware of each other’s existence. This could be the reason why Olivia already knew everything about Vanessa. When Spencer and his mother visited a doctor, she talked to him about Layla. She knew that very well how Spencer snuck Layla into their house. And then, as a surprise, Spencer’s mother tells him to invite her for dinner.

Further, when they both visited the doctor, Spencer tells the doctor that there’s nothing very seriously or physically wrong with his shoulder. Then the doctor asks him if he’s facing any mental stress. As usual, he doesn’t admit to what the doctor said, but for sure, he’s under a lot of pressure. Talking about the practice, Billy asked the entire team to clean the field for practice.

All American Season 3 Episode 3: It is set for 1st February 2021. You can stream it on Amazon prime video.

So here was the review of the second episode of the third season of All American. It was overall filled with different mysteries. There are high chances when the third episode of All American releases on 1st February 2021 will have many different curves in the storyline. Yet there has been no new character announced for the third episode. We can see more of a female coach and her relationship with her son. There could be many love scenes of high school in the next episode. Basically, the episode was about Spencer and Billy. It overall shows that how Spencer and Billy do not get a great welcome from their team members. They have to struggle to get the team’s trust and so that they can practice as a team.

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