Saint Maud Movie Review: A Terrifying Horror Thriller with a Gripping Story

Saint Maud Movie Review: A Terrifying Horror Thriller with a Gripping Story
Saint Maud Movie Review: A Terrifying Horror Thriller with a Gripping Story

Utilizing the weather of horror to discover trauma and its results on the thoughts and physique make psychological horror movies so potent. Whereas many movies take the standard strategy when combining horror and faith — exorcisms, possessions, and dealings with satan — Saint Maud examines the titular character’s relationship with faith through the lens of her painful previous. Masterfully written and directed, Saint Maud is a fascinating, compelling, and disquieting horror movie that’s distinct and extremely intense.

After a traumatic incident at work, Katie rechristens herself as Maud (Morfydd Clark) and leaves her job and life behind to change into a religious Roman Catholic. She turns into a non-public palliative nurse for the terminally sick Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), a well-known former dancer and choreographer. An atheist, Amanda fears the loss of life and confesses a lot to Maud, who likewise admits that she will see and listen to God throughout her. Maud is pious to the purpose of ache, trying to strengthen her relationship as a servant of God by way of unnerving acts. Whereas in correspondence with the almighty, Maud involves considering that God desires her to save lots of Amanda’s soul earlier than she dies. She attempts to change into more and more determined and concurrently unflinching.

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Saint maud {movie} reviewMorfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle in Saint Maud.

Saint Maud is a powerful characteristic movie debut for writer-director Rose Glass, whose potential to mix psychological horror with Maud’s perverse fanaticism is masterful. Because the story unfolds, the explanations for Maud’s conduct comes into sharper focus; however, what Glass does so nicely is kept an ambiguity concerning her relationship with God. It’s by no means fairly clear whether or not Maud is actually seeing and listening to God or if she’s hallucinating all the expertise. There are moments of sheer terror that even recommend she’s one way or the other been possessed. The movie blatantly blurs the strains of actuality, which makes for chilling visible expertise.

Because the story unravels, so does Maud. The result’s deeply disturbing and downright unsettling character research of how trauma paves how for her to hunt out faith and God as a method towards redemption forgiveness. Maud redefines herself, deeply haunted by the incident at work. Whereas she fashions herself a newly religious lady, Saint Maud isn’t preaching about faith and even about what’s proper or fallacious. As an avenue for psychological exploration, nonetheless, the movie works on many ranges.

Morfydd Clark in Saint Maud.

Maud and Amanda’s relationship is rife with pressure. They’re united by their shared loneliness and separated by their contrasting beliefs. Ehle performs Amanda with a deep sense of bitterness and disdain for the hand she’s been dealt. She’s sharp and seemingly entertained by the concept of God’s existence, which pits her towards Maud in thrilling methods. Saint Maud also examines the characters’ opposing ideologies and how they join and juxtapose on the subject of loss of life. Morfydd is unbelievable as Maud, portraying her with self-righteous confidence, simmering frustration, and insecurity all of a sudden. By her efficiency, it’s by no means clear when Maud will snap. She’s managed and calculating but additionally unsteady and desolate. There’s a deep sense of foreboding all through that makes Morfydd’s portrayal all of the extra spectacular to witness.

Ben Fordesman’s cinematography is gorgeous. The scenes between Amanda and Maud stand out particularly, with the dimmed lighting creating enveloping darkness that lurks and hovers, inching ever nearer. It enhances and heightens the movie’s usually oppressive ambiance, which lends itself to the depth and disconcerting horror of the finale. Glass’ movie isn’t stuffed with too many apparent scares, which might have truthfully performed a disservice to the narrative. Moderately, the horror lies within the visceral worry, ambiguity, and psychological components, all of which elevate Saint Maud and work collectively to create a sensory infused movie that’s equally satisfying and haunting.

Saint Maud enjoys choosing theaters and drive-ins starting January 29 and might be launched completely on Epix on February 12. The movie is 84 minutes lengthy and is rated R for disturbing and violent content material, sexual content material, and language.

Folding sexual arousal and spiritual ecstasy right into a single, gasping sensation, “Saint Maud,” the characteristic debut of the director Rose Glass, burrows into the thoughts of a lonely younger lady and finds psycho-horror gold.

Maud (a mesmerizing Morfydd Clark) is a live-in palliative care nurse in an unnamed British seaside city. We don’t know why; however, the movie’s unnervingly gory opening greater than hints at a profound trauma — Maud believes that God has chosen her to information the fallen to salvation. This mission leads her to Amanda’s forbidding hilltop mansion (Jennifer Ehle), a celebrated dancer and choreographer now affected by late-stage lymphoma.

The following interaction between caregiver and affected person, religion and denial, asceticism and intemperance, veers from chilling to morbidly comedian. Decided to take pleasure in her remaining few weeks, Amanda submits to Maud’s prayers, whereas remaining an enthusiastic hedonist. Smoking and ingesting with relish, internet hosting gatherings of her bohemian buddies, and romancing a youthful lover (Lily Frazer), Amanda nonetheless finds consolation within the intimacy of Maud’s quiet ministrations. Nonetheless, Maud is a thriller (for one factor, as we study late within the movie, her title isn’t actually Maud); however, whether or not she is a batty Bible-thumper or one thing infinitely extra sinister, we’ve got barely 84 minutes to search out out.

Utilizing each one in all of them, Glass leans closely on an airtight ambiance buzzing with zealotry and barely suppressed lust. Drifting into trances and bedeviled by fiery abdomen pains, Maud nurtures piety that appears by no means lower than a burden. In a single unsettling sequence, she wanders previous the city’s rundown arcades and right into a bar, her desperation for firm overwhelming her disgust at her personal wants. However, there’s a value because the raised crimson welts on her pale physique bear out: Ardour for anybody; however, Christ should be punished.

“Could God bless you and by no means waste your ache,” she tells a beggar, maybe indicating concern that her personal agonies are being squandered. And whereas the movie’s sleek particular results depart the area for multiple studying of Maud’s actions — an ambivalence that’s most pronounced within the beautiful, hallucinatory finale — it’s clear she’s on a hard and fast trajectory, one which guarantees a Grand Guignol climax to her seeming delusions.

Formally managed and visually elegant, “Saint Maud” has a darkish, spoiled magnificence and a shifting perspective that questions Maud’s distorted imagination and prescient. Favoring suggestion over specifics, the script (additionally by Glass) doesn’t all the time keep away from the acquainted potholes of the style: the nosebleeds and Gothic interiors, the baleful lighting, and self-harming conduct. Gestures towards Maud’s troubled previous stay imprecise; however, the {movie} ‘s artistry and sensuality suck you in. Maud is aware of she will willet save Amanda’s physique; what she desires is her soul.

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