8 Anime Characters Who Look Cheerful But Have Rough Lives

These 10 anime characters might look joyful outwardly, nonetheless they maintain scars someplace inside their souls.

It’s troublesome to see within the occasion that any person is grinning to shroud the torment on the off probability that you do not understand that particular person—and the equal goes for anecdotal characters. Since any person is grinning, it does not imply they do not undergo powerful conditions like another particular person.

These characters might look like merry outwardly, nonetheless they’ve gone by way of quite a few excessive hardships, regardless of performing joyful. What’s extra, no matter whether or not their dearest companions or household pays heed, they could in any case act like the whole lot is okay. Listed below are 10 anime characters that maintain scars someplace inside their souls.

8.Sanae Furukawa (Clannad) — Regardless of Dropping Her Solely Little one, She Stays Upbeat

Clannad and Clannad: ~After Story~ is understood for the lamentable romantic story between Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa. However, no person at any level really discusses the associated fee Nagisa’s fragile and powerless structure took on her of us. That is notably evident within the spin-off association, the place watchers discover how joyful Nagisa’s mother, Sanae, stays.

After Nagisa’s passing, she even offers together with her grandkid, Ushio, together with Akio. The spin-off association is the solitary time watchers at any level see Sanae—usually a crybaby and a woman who could be very puerile for her age—separate due to her inclination the deficiency of her child.

7.Misa Amane (Demise Observe) — Her Mother and father Have been Murdered Proper In Entrance Of Her, However She Stays Cheerful

Misa Amane is the intense banner younger woman of Demise Observe—nonetheless she has an unbelievable heartbreaking backstory. She skilled passionate emotions for Mild, and his modify self picture because the persistent executioner Kira in any case since he slaughtered the person who killed her household.

However, most disregard the best way that Misa’s of us had been executed simply earlier than her eyes. The wrongdoing extra probably than not been tough, as Misa would not have any difficulty seeing blood or in any occasion, seeing murder round her. Regardless of the truth that she’s vigorous, it is a unending query of whether or not that is her technique for coping with stress or within the occasion that she stays this method to remain regular.

6.Lenalee Lee (D. Grey-Man) — She Was Experimented On To Change into A Nice Exorcist And Had A Traumatizing Childhood

Lenalee Lee is the basic brave girl of D. Dim Man, the younger sister of Komui Lee, and an previous buddy to Allen Walker. Even though she is considerate and conscious, she actually has a secret clouded aspect. She accepts that assuming certainly one of her companions kicks the bucket, a bit of her actuality does, as nicely.

Since people who understand her perceive this, they deal with her as if they’re strolling on damaged glass and do no matter it takes to not outrage or agitate her. She likewise had a dangerous adolescence, which made her restrain her emotions and made her have repeating unhealthy goals.

5.Mary Magdalene (Chrono Campaign) — She Might See The Future And Her Destiny, However Remained A Mild Soul

Mary Magdalene depends upon the real woman from Magdala, Isreal—Mary of Magdala. Within the anime Chrono Campaign, she was the predicting Holy Maiden who was saved shut off from others, and she or he been capable of anticipate what’s to return.

This likewise integrated her personal. However realizing all that can happen—together with her personal demise—she stayed a kind, caring younger woman who cherished stitching and composing.

4.Oz Vessalius (Pandora Hearts) — Regardless of Dropping A Decade Of His Time, He is At all times Cheerful

Oz Vessalius from Pandora Hearts was tossed within the Abyss for submitting a transgression he has no reminiscence of submitting. For positive, he likewise loses 10 years of his personal time and stays a 14-year-old child who has a playful, sort, and depraved mentality.

Even though he stays joyful earlier than his family members, he among the time detects a deficiency of time since all people younger than him is presently extra seasoned. That is notably apparent along with his younger sister, Ada, a child, but is at the moment extra established than him.

3.Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) — Regardless of Garnering Hate From The Total Village, He Stayed Constructive

Naruto confirmed that it was so troublesome to remain vigorous however the difficulties round you. Be that as it could, the nominal character persistently saved a shiny and devilish disposition—and that is notably evident to start with phases of the association.

The Hidden Leaf Village disregarded naruto for having the 9-Tailed Beast fastened inside him. However being ignored, he saved up his windbag mentality and did not often present how a lot this negatively affected him within the public eye. Be that as it could, as he was only a teenager, he confirmed how dismal he was at no matter level he had a second to himself.

2.Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket) — His Mom Deserted Him, And He Would not Know His Little Sister, However He At all times Appears to be like Out For Others

Momiji is persistently vigorous and apparently joyful outwardly—in any case, Fruits Basket (2019) confirmed his backstory in a extra prime to backside approach. Albeit the vast majority of the guardians within the association both abandoned their children or tried to finish their very own life since they could not take care of the Sohma revile, Momiji noticed direct its price for his mother.

His mother endeavored to finish her personal life earlier than him and expressed that she introduced forth a beast. Alongside these traces, she had her recollections of him deleted and proceeded onward to have one other teenager along with his dad—a younger woman named Momo. Momiji presently lives with out anybody else, reduce off from his household, but he’s consistently burdened over others and never himself.

1.Rika Furude (Higurashi: When They Cry) — She’s Caught In A Time Loop With Seemingly No Means Out

In Higurashi: When They Cry, Rika Furude seems to be a teenager who talks with charming expressions. Albeit in reality, she is astute previous her years. She drinks wine and eats sizzling meals, addresses all people within the association in a “discourteous” approach, and would not seem to want something over to hold on with a lighthearted life.

In any case, it seems she is actually the real hero of the association, and her demise triggers the Nice Hinamizawa Catastrophe. She very skeptical, and she or he needs to get away from the circle wherein she has been caught for an extended, very long time.