5 Anime Characters Lucci Could Defeat (One Piece)

By recognizing the anime characters equipped for cutting down Lucci and the individuals who aren’t, we have a superior guess of his abilities in a battle.

Notwithstanding this, Luffy has demonstrated that Rob isn’t unsurpassable. By recognizing the anime characters fit for cutting down the World Government’s most imposing covert agent and the individuals who aren’t, we have a superior estimate of his abilities and benefits in a battle.

5. Could Beat: Kakyoin’s Hierophant Green Would Be Useless Against Lucci’s Iron Body (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Hierophant Green was an astounding gone contender, particularly when Kakyoin has the opportunity to plan many emerald sprinkles immediately. They were equipped for injuring Jotaro and overcoming Tower of Gray.

Regardless of whether Lucci is adequately talented to avoid these assaults, he wouldn’t have to. Utilizing his “Iron Body” way, he could overlook the Stand client’s floods before straightforwardly fighting back. Taking into account how effectively DIO murdered Kakyoin, Rob would have the option to sever his substance with considerably more noteworthy productivity.

4. Could Beat: Endeavor’s Lacking Reflexes Would Be His Undoing (My Hero Academia)

Try was adequately amazing to divide through whole high rises and burn them up in a solitary assault. This involves that he may defeat Lucci’s “Iron Body” on the off chance that he can hit him effectively.

In any case, the CP9 specialist can move at speeds so bewildering that even Luffy battled to keep up (who thusly was fit for overcoming Kuro in his Pussyfoot move). Subsequently, Lucci would have the option to overwhelm the saint and rout him with an increased rendition of his finger gun capacity.

3. Could Beat: Reiner’s Plates Wouldn’t Protect Him From Lucci’s Force (Attack On Titan)

Reiner’s shield gives incredible insurance from most traditional assaults, including the edges of scouts and surprisingly the crude clench hands of the Attack Titan. Tragically for him, Lucci is more than fit for dividing his guards through his storm kick strategy.

It was sufficiently amazing to break a supported divider keeping out the ocean from Enies Lobby in a solitary easygoing assault and demonstrated destroying against Luffy in spite of his protection from gruff power. Hence, it should break Braun’s plates without an issue.

2. Could Beat: Renji’s Sword Isn’t Powerful Enough To Break Lucci’s Iron Body (Bleach)

Renji’s Zanpakuto was a goliath, lion-like sharp edge that could seek after its foes around a war zone. This made him a significant partner since he could battle forcefully and reliably.

In any case, Zabimaru has never exhibited the crude damaging ability equipped for breaking Lucci’s Iron Body and was effortlessly disregarded by Szayelaporro Granz. Lucci would just have to utilize his “Moon Walk” way to draw Zabimaru out prior to striking its client through the heart with a finger gun.

1. Could Beat: Rui’s Webs Would Be Easy For Lucci To Navigate Around (Demon Slayer)

Rui was a devil whose networks were more grounded than steel and equipped for beheading common people easily. Nonetheless, they showed a restricted limit with respect to crude damaging power and would neglect to break Lucci’s “Iron Body.”

Taking into account that the CP9 specialist can dispatch assaults from the tip of his hook, he wouldn’t have to stand up to his immense adversary to overcome him. All things considered, he’d gain by Rui’s nearly low toughness and lessen him to a flaring store.