Naruto: This is how Madara Uchiha looks like a character from Among Us

Among Us became one of the sensation video games of 2020 thanks to its entertaining and simple gameplay, but also, to the curious design of the characters, which we have already seen crossover with all kinds of protagonists of popular culture, but few as fun to see as this Madara Uchiha from the anime Naruto represented as one of the crew members.

Through his Reddit account, the user ImperialRing shared this magnificent fanart where we see one of the protagonists of Among Us dressed as the most powerful Uchiha of all.

And, as we can see below, elements such as Madara’s hair, wardrobe, and even weapon have been implemented in an extraordinary way to the characteristic and unmistakable design of the characters of the video game developed by InnerSloth.

Of course, the helmet does not allow us to see the eyes of the character and therefore we have missed the powerful Sharingan on this occasion, however, it is an extraordinary illustration in which even the smallest detail has been taken care of so that the crossover this as complete as possible.

It is not the first time that fans have done this type of work that shows a crossover between Among Us and other characters or works from the anime, as is this exciting trailer inspired by Attack on Titan, the recreation of deaths in the One Piece style. or a fanart that relives the sad fate of Naruto’s Uchiha clan.