Deadpool parodies Yamcha’s best moment in Dragon Ball Z

Deadpool does not miss any reference.

Under a new lens, the Deadpool: Samurai manga narrates the new adventures of the Marvel mercenary with thousands of references to other characters in the industry, because on this occasion his near-death led him to recreate Yamcha’s most memorable moment in history from Dragon Ball Z.

That’s right, that moment where the warrior Z valiantly loses his life for a “very powerful” Saibaiman and his body lies dead on a hole in the ground is now “memorable” material for the most mocking Marvel character.

In the most recent chapter of Deadpool: Samurai is fighting an army of supervillains commanded by Loki, and as he is alone, he naturally remained in this poor state.

Fortunately, the loudmouth mercenary is still alive thanks to the arrival of an unexpected ally (as in previous chapters with All Might from My Hero Academia ), only this time it is an anime version of “the most powerful heroes on Earth”: Los Avengers.