6 Underrated Anime Of 2021 You Must See

The great thing about Japanese anime is that there is something for everyone! Scenario, aesthetics, particularity of the characters, animation techniques … a thousand and one things allow them to differentiate themselves, and it is sometimes very difficult to choose which one to start from among the plethora of offers offered to us. We have of course the classics that everyone is talking about, or the most original-like those crazy storyline anime or the ones that are just awkward to watch. Today, we’ll instead focus on those anime that may have gone under your radar, but still deserve a dedicated topic.

This anime is an adaptation of the eponymous manga by Shō Aimoto, broadcast on January 10, 2021. In this world exist legendary creatures: the Kemono. Driven from their natural habitat, they came into contact with humans, giving birth to hybrids like Kabane Kusaka, a young boy who is half-ghoul, half-human, who leads an uneventful life in a small village lost in the mountains.

Tranquility will be short-lived since a large wave of crimes will disturb it. Koachi Inugami – a detective specializing in the occult – is then dispatched to investigate. This is how the two protagonists become friends and try to unravel the mystery behind these murders. Everything suggests that Kabane is not the only representative of his species.

This original animated series is by Hiroiko Utsumi. Literally stylized SK∞ the Infinity, it has been broadcast since January 10, 2021. We find Reki, a high school student living in Japan and passionate about skateboarding. The latter even creates his own boards! He regularly participates in an illegal race called “S”, extremely dangerous because of its laces.

After a crushing defeat, he finds himself ruined and without a skateboard. He meets Langa Hasegawa, a newcomer to his class and originally from Canada, a country where he regularly snowboarded. Reki will convince him to participate in the “S” races, which will allow him to reconnect in a sense with his old sport. An anime that explores a sport that is not well represented in the manga in general.


Also known in Japan as Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? this anime of the isekai genre is adapted from a light novel by Okina Baba and broadcast on January 8, 2021. On Earth, a mysterious explosion hits a classroom and kills all the students. The latter find themselves reincarnated in various forms in a world of fantasy. Our main protagonist will be reincarnated… as a spider!

Nicknamed Kumoko, the little arachnid finds herself in a sort of RPG, starting at the bottom of the food scale and having to constantly fight for her survival. So we follow her progress, as she slowly eliminates her enemies to gain traction.

This anime is adapted from a light novel series by Meguru Seto published in 2017. Its adaptation in 2021 is signed Okuruto Noburu. We meet there Noir Stadia, an aspiring adventurer and third son of a family of “low class” nobles, nicknamed “the noble beggars”. After finding a hidden dungeon – particularly prized for their rare treasures – he discovers a chained young girl there.

It is in fact Olivia Servant, a legendary adventurer locked inside for centuries. The latter entrusts him with her powers, the boy can now go on an adventure. Particularity: his skill, Great Sage, gives him a great knowledge of the world at the cost of horrible headaches. Our hero charms every character of the opposite sex he meets, which also has a positive influence on his stats. That is the demand of the people?

This is an adaptation of the manga by Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshi: Les Brigades Immunitaires BLACK, broadcast on January 10, 2021. The story features several protagonists (red blood cells, lymphocytes, etc.) with a major role in the functioning of the human body – which is none other than the locus of action! In the case of the BLACK Immune Brigades, the action takes place in a sick body.

It is represented as a vast industrial world, in which anthropomorphic blood cells will have to confront microbes, bacteria, and other health threats – and this, without resorting to archaic practices such as confinement – by all possible means. An original adventure, not without scientific references which will allow you to learn some notions of anatomy and biology!

Another adaptation of a light novel series, this time by Toshio Satō. We follow a boy named Lloyd, from the village of Kunlun. The latter is considered to be the weakest of all. However, weak is not the most suitable adjective for Lloyd. Indeed, his village is located in the most dangerous region in the world.

Thus, despite its “weakness” on the scale of its congeners, it remains incredibly powerful for the rest of the world. The boy’s dream is to become a soldier in the army of the Kingdom of Aza

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