Haruka Fukuhara, following the anime version, “Kaguya-sama wants to tell” the role of “Koyasu Tsubame” The final stage is a sports festival & cultural festival

“King & Prince” Hirano Sho Hirano and Hashimoto Kanna will re-engage the love brain battle of “If you like it, you lose!” ” Kaguya- sama wants to tell you-Genius’ love brain battle-Final”. It has been revealed that Haruka Fukuhara will play ” Koyasu Tsubame “, which everyone longs for, following the anime “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you about the love brain battle of geniuses”.

Koyasu Tsubame is a third-year student at Shuchiin Gakuen High School, who is the deputy leader of the sports festival cheering party. Madonna of the school, which is loved by juniors, is a popular character who can be counted as one of the “difficult girls” who are difficult to associate with. When Haruka Fukuhara, who plays such a girlfriend, first appeared as the anime version of Koyasu Tsubame, the original fans praised her as “perfect for the image!” And “best donpisha!”. In addition to her voice appearance, she finally plays Koyasu Tsubame on the screen. Mr. Fukuhara, who has decided to appear in the live-action film, said, “I am very honored to be able to appear in the live-action film as well as in the anime, and I feel the joy of playing my favorite Tsubame-chan with my whole body. I will do my best to deliver it to everyone! ” In addition, in the third year of Shuchiin Gakuen High School, which will be the first appearance in this work, Shunya Itabashi, who is currently appearing in the on-air taiga drama “Seiten wo Tsuke”, will play the role of Kaze no, who will be the cheerleader at the sports festival. Fumiya Takahashi, who was a classmate with Ishigami (Hayato Sano) in the middle school, was noted for “Kamen Rider Zero One” and is also appearing in “There is a reason for dressing up love”. In addition to the casts of the continuation from the previous work, this work with the addition of new casts who are attracting attention. Furthermore, this time, it turned out that the stage of the love brain battle between Shirogane and Kaguya is the episode of the sports festival & cultural festival, which is famous as a particularly popular episode in the original. At the athletic festival, the unknown past of Ishigami was approached, the reason why Ishigami began to dislike youth, and the encounter between Ishigami, Shirogane, and Kaguya was revealed. Tears involuntarily as Ishigami confronts his past !? The whole picture is drawn in the live-action version. Also, an episode of a cultural festival that greatly influences the love between Shirogane and Kaguya will appear. At a school festival with the legend that “giving a gift of the heart brings eternal love”, Shirogane and Kaguya intersect. “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you genius’s love brain battle-Final” will be released on August 20th (Friday) at Toho all over Japan.