Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro cosplay features the most chaotic waifu in modern anime

With a completely diabolical personality that is reflected in her smile, Nagatoro made her place among the unforgettable waifus in today’s anime, so stories from her fans have also been inspired by her to dedicate a cosplay to her.

Unlike 99.9% of anime female leads, Nagatoro has noticeably brown skin that was caused by being out in the sun for a long time. She has straight hair clipped on the right side of the fringe and she usually wears a white shirt, blue skirt, and long socks as part of her school uniform.

That being the case, the next cosplayer could be the living image of Nagatoro. But beyond his outfit (relatively simple to recreate), it’s that ghoulish smile that helps him nail down his version of the character.

Nagatoro’s personality is commonly referred to as a sadder (yup, from the stream of deres) because she loves to cause trouble for other characters, even leading her to play on her feelings.

That being the case, Nagatoro spends all his time annoying his high school senior, although in reality, this is all a facade to hide his “true feelings” for him.

The anime of Ijiranaide! Nagatoro-san started as a web manga in 2017 written by Pixiv and thanks to its popularity it got an animated adaptation that has been airing since April 10, 2021.