Kingdom Chapter 680 anime Release Date (Delayed?), Latest Updates!

As the war continues, the story tends to get even more interesting. The kingdom is and always will be one of the greatest manga ever written. In terms of popularity and writing, he’s similar to Berserk. And in terms of the anime adaptation, he’s similar to berserk as well. Sadly, the anime was not as great as fans thought as they deemed it substandard for the manga. That being said, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter. In this blog, we will discuss “Read Kingdom Chapter 680 – Release Date (Delayed?), Latest Updates!”.

Is Kingdom Chapter 680 overdue?


Chapter 679 has been delayed for 2 weeks due to unfortunate circumstances. We must also take into account that we are in the midst of a global pandemic and the inevitable must be seen as a possibility. That being said, this week’s Kingdom chapter 680 will not experience any delays. But to be on the safe side, we highly recommend that you stay up to date with us here at 45Seconds .fr to find out all about the latest kingdom updates.

Kingdom Chapter 680 Release Date

As of now, Kingdom Chapter 680 release date is set for May 30, 2021. This is a prediction based on previous versions of the chapter and the timing of release dates. For more updates on Kindom Chapter 680, stay tuned to

What has happened before on Kingdom?

Salvation Shin’s army serves as a reinforcement for Gyouku Hou’s army but is completely surrounded by the enemy. This is when the Kyou Kai unit enters from the left to breakthrough. Kyou suddenly enters to protect Zhao’s soldiers and the other soldiers flee the scene because they mistook her for Kai. After noticing the Hi Shin army barrier, Gaku Haku Hou orders a retreat.

Meanwhile, Ou Hon is still in bad shape. But he still manages to warn the others not to attack via their plan as Zhao already predicted it and set a trap. Shin thanks Ou Hon and heads for the steepest cliff to avoid any trap.

Where to read kingdom 680?

Since Kingdom hasn’t been given an official website to read all of the latest chapters, you can check out Weekly Young Magazine. This is the perfect place to read Kingdom Chapter 680 and all the latest chapters.

We do not encourage or strongly condemn the use of illegal online playback/streaming platforms to view the latest manga chapters and anime episodes.

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