This is what the Attack on Titan exhibit looks like in the tallest tower in Yokohama, Japan

Almost a month after its opening, we can now take a look at the Attack on Titan exhibit taking place on the 69th floor of the Yokohama Landmark Plaza tower to celebrate the completion of the manga and the upcoming anime season.

The exhibition begins with a bust of the Colossal Titan, that gigantic being that destroyed the Wall Maria with a simple kick and began the events of the series.

Since it is very difficult to recreate a 50-meter titan inside a shopping center, the expo shows us an excellent profile of his head, accompanied by two life-size statues of Eren Jaeger and Captain Levi.

This is not to say that the Yokohama building does not have its own life-size monsters. In the center of the square, there is a full-body sculpture of the Attack Titan, which, as we well know, belongs to the protagonist.

The statue has an official size of 8.5 meters, but since it is on its knees it is very likely that the true size of this colossus resembles that of the original Attack Titan, which reaches up to 15 meters.

This Attack on Titan exhibit will be available at the Landmark Plaza until June 20. During the “golden week” this exhibition served as a meeting point for some events related to the series, including Rallys to get special items from the series.

Volume 34 of Attack on Titan is very special since it will mark the end of Hajime Isayama’s manga, which is why it will have some editions with additional content of the work.

Regarding this, the Kodansha publishing house shared the cover corresponding to the first special volume of this series, entitled “Final Volume Celebration”, available from June 9, 2021.

Again we find all the characters that made up this story with a cry of gratitude for accompanying this story for 11 long years (Can you recognize them all?).

It is an illustration that is well known to the followers of this series since it is the same one that Hajime Isayama drew when the anime had the animation studio change and when the author published chapter 139 a month ago.

Similarly, the same illustration used by Bessatsu Shonen Magazine appears on the back cover. A children’s version of all the characters that made up Recruit Troop 104.

Right now the story is walking on dangerous ground as its additional content could change the perception of some characters. Still, volume 34 is likely to become one of the publisher’s best-selling volumes.

Will you get the special edition of the latest volume of the Attack on Titan manga?