Behind the childhood animation, what kind of life truth is hidden

You must have seen a lot of animations when you were young. There are some excellent childhood animations, which contain a lot of life truths, metaphors, or satires. They are very deep and educational. I don’t know if you see them. Next, the editor will take stock of a few good animations.

A “Big Ear Tutu” tells the growth story of Tutu and his friends. The work was still produced by Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio. Tutu is a little troublemaker, with all kinds of novel and interesting ideas in his mind. The story selects every field in which children grow and pays attention to every topic that children and parents care about. My mom loves watching this cartoon. I used to watch it with me. I will never forget the angry Tutu mom and the square-faced Grandpa Niu. There are currently five movies in total. I remember to teach the children at the end of each episode. A little truth.

2. The “Sky Eye” series is too much, including “Sky Eye Little Prodigy” 52 episodes, “Sky Eye God Tiger” 52 episodes, “Sky Eye God Cow” 52 episodes, “Smart Little Sky Eye” 104 episodes, “Sky Eyes have strange tricks” 104 episodes, “Sky Eyes” There are 2 episodes of 52 episodes of the 52 episodes of “Eye of the Sky and Wisdom War”. At the beginning, it tells the story of an alien boy who came to the home of the earth girl Xiang Ling and used his superman magic to help Xiang Ling and her classmates realize their dreams and solve problems. What happened around Xiang Ling was the trouble or joy that ordinary little girls would have in real life. The eyes of the sky can be deformed. I remember that at the beginning it changed to a kitten who likes to eat ice cream, called a cone, and in the later parts it changed to a god tiger, a god cow, and a god rabbit. I remember the lovely Xiangling, Xu Bowen with glasses, and the fat Zhen Meili. There are a lot of episodes, and the content is pretty good.

3. “Happy Father and Son” This is a “parent-child theme” cartoon. It tells a hilarious and warm story between a pair of canned fathers and sons with special body shapes and different personalities. When I saw it at that time, I was immediately attracted by the image of cans, and there were people who used cans as the protagonists of cartoons. And the plot is also good, I have to admire the screenwriter’s brains. Daha is good-looking and funny. He likes to be prestigious in front of his son. But in real life, he is a madman. He often makes mistakes and is laughed at by his son. Xiaopi, a first-year student in Paobao Primary School Imagination and thinking are developed, ideas are always unexpected, clever and naughty ideas are constant. This is a very interesting cartoon with many distinctive characters in it. There are two seasons in total.