5 Nintendo sagas that we would love to see turned into an anime

Many of the big N franchises have everything to conquer the world of Japanese animation.

Today many franchises that were born in video games have made the leap to other entertainment media. Countless movies and series are on the way, some of those projects are anime that have been very well received on platforms such as Netflix, including the Castlevania and DOTA 2 adaptations.

The case of Nintendo is interesting. The Japanese developer has been open in recent years to take its franchises beyond video games. In 2014, Shigeru Miyamoto himself participated as a producer of animated short films for the Pikmin and currently oversees a Super Mario film produced by Illumination Studios, the creators of the Minions, signing one of its producers to the company’s board of directors.

The truth is that both Pikmin and Super Mario are very good with Western CGI, but what about the big N sagas that deserve to have their own anime? Over the years we have already seen some interesting experiments with series like Kirby, Mario, and F-Zero that have tried their luck in the realm of Japanese animation. Franchises like Pokémon are just as strong in anime as in other branches, so the potential in this regard is very clear.

Considering the enormous success of the Nintendo Switch and its exclusive games, it makes perfect sense that the Japanese company dares to take its licenses to the field of anime. Today we will let our imagination fly a bit to visualize Nintendo franchises that are already taking time to become anime, although we do not doubt that of everything presented in this list, little or nothing will become a reality.

1. TThe Legend of Zelda

Fans have long wished for Zelda to have its own anime, and it would be a great time for that to happen as the series turns 35. The entire story arc of Breath of The Wild would be perfect to be captured in an animated series that connects with the sequel and if we could make a wish, we would love for a studio the likes of Ghibli to take the lead in the adaptation (as they have already done). imagined some fans).

2. Punch Out !!

Big series like Kuroko’s Basketball, Captain Tsubasa, or Yuri On Ice show that sports-themed anime has great potential and, in this regard, Nintendo has a very good franchise that could be exploited. Although Punch-Out !! has been absent since its last installment on Wii, it would be incredible to follow in the footsteps of Little Mac in an anime in which his exaggerated and colorful opponents would play a lot in favor of the humor of the series.

3. Star fox

Since we are talking about characters with a lot of personalities, we can not forget the Fox McCloud squad, whose adventures would lend themselves very well to create an animated series. We’ve already seen Fox, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco turned into a Nintendo-powered animated short that celebrated the launch of Star Fox Zero; definitely left us wondering what a complete series inspired by the game would look like. We want to see it!

4. Fire emblem

One of the sagas that would cost less work to adapt to an anime is Fire Emblem, whose games have already come to present cutscenes that seem to have come from a Japanese animated series and in the past experimented with a couple of animated episodes. With great lore and a huge range of characters, there is a lot of fabric to cut from to create a very good Fire Emblem story that lives in an anime.

5. Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus was already very close to having an anime, as many will remember the excellent animated shorts with which Kid Icarus Uprising was presented when it arrived on Nintendo 3DS. Without a doubt, it would be incredible to have more of the adventures of Pit and Palutena, just with the touch of humor that those shorts presented at the time.