Orient Anime Adaptation Release Date and Latest News.

The Orient Manga has toured the Anime community, it is also loved and well received by the otakus. The publisher of Orient is Kodansha Comics, which is one of the top editors in the manga community. The Creator of Magi, who already has an anime adaptation, is also the creator of Orient! Magi Manga and the anime adaptation have done very well in the market, so they expect the Orient to get a boost early on because it’s from the same creator. The new Orient Anime Adaptation has got fans excited and they want more information about it.

Orient anime adaptation

Shinobu Ohtaka is the creator of both Orient and Magi, Shounen Magazine announced that the manga will get an Anime series and also posted a teaser on youtube!

This teaser was enough to move fans of Orient Manga, despite the anime announcement, the weekly Orient chapters will continue to appear on Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Crunchyroll has posted some details on the eastern anime adaptation and other anime information.

Manga d’Orient began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine in 2018! As of February 2021, it changed and began its serialization in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which is also owned by Kodansha, it appeared in the March 2021 issue.

What is Orient Anime about?

The Orient Anime will be based entirely on the Manga created by Shinobu Ohtaka, the teaser being released, has caused a wave of excitement among fans. The story is based on two friends Kojirou and Musashi, where five years ago Musashi made a promise to Kojirou. The promise was that they would become samurai, form a true league, and continue to cast out demons. All of this will be shown in the animated orient adaptation.

But after a huge change in society in those five years, the dream they once dreamed of seems impossible. As demons are revered by society and samurai are not respected. This makes Musashi realize that if anyone finds out about his dream, it will be avoided by the people. Musashi makes the decision to blend in with society and joins a mining workplace where he can secretly polish his sword.

On the other side, Kojirou decides to renounce the promise he made to Musashi five years ago. Despite being a direct descendant of a samurai, Koijirou decides to give up his dream of becoming a samurai. Until the day he saves Musashi from a near-death experience, that’s when something springs up inside him and he sets off on a journey to make his dreams come true. Musashi and Kojirou both go on an adventure where they will discover their true feelings and dreams.

Not knowing what the outside world has in store for them, they dive straight into the world of the beast and demon slaughter. Their main goal is to cleanse the tarnished image of the ancient samurai and end the reign of demons in society.

When will the Orient Anime adaptation be released?

In the video posted by Kodansha, you will get animated glimpses of Orient Manga. This is clearly made for an announcement and cannot be considered an appropriate teaser for the anime. The process of adapting the anime to the east has started and it’s developing slowly, so we don’t have a lot of details at this point. It’s still unclear when the series will begin and which animation studio will take on the project.

Kodansha has so far published Eleven Volumes of Orient, which started in the weekly Kodansha shounen magazine. Being a creator of an already famous manga and anime has given Orient a boost in sales. Crunchyroll will surely be one of the platforms to play Orient Anime. Cast and crew information, release dates, songwriters and animation studio have yet to be decided! We have to wait for more details for the adaptation of the anime east.

The news of Orient Anime sparked mixed feelings among Magi fans as they began to wonder if Magi would have a new season or if it was going to be dropped. But some of them are happy to be able to watch a new series created by Shinobu Ohtaka. We are very excited about a 15-year-old samurai tale going against all odds and killing demons in a society where they are revered!

So far these are the details on the release of the anime, when we have more details on the adaptation of Orient Anime, we will let you know and let you know.