Berserk: The Anime 5 Most Shocking And Sensational Deaths Of Miura’s Manga

Kentaro Miura certainly did not write Berserk with the handbrake on, considering that from the first pages of the manga there is a dark aura. Throughout history, Gatsu has torn apart unique monsters that have made Berserk famous. But what are the five most shocking deaths presented in the Kentaro Miura manga?

Let’s start from the initial phase of the history of Berserk, in those dark medieval cities where Gatsu wandered together with the newly known Pak. The first most shocking death of Berserk was that of the Count, one of the Apostles of the Hand of God. After the brief confrontation with the monstrous Baron, Gatsu shows us once again what kind of manga we went into with a fight to the death. which will then be resolved by the Count’s hesitation to sacrifice his daughter to the higher beings, which will lead him to hell in an infinite lament.

The Golden Age is recognized as one of the most exciting phases of Berserk but also one of the most popular sagas in the entire world of manga. And it is no coincidence that three more shocking and sensational deaths occur in this part of the story. The first is the death of Gatsu’s rapist, old Donovan, killed by the boy in a fit of cold revenge. The second instead is that of Gambino, the adoptive father who by now had almost lost his mind by giving himself to alcohol and who saw in the boy the cause of his misfortune. Entering the boy’s tent to kill him, the latter will instead deliver the lethal blow.

Remaining in the Golden Age one cannot fail to pass through the most shocking and bloody event of the manga: the Eclipse. It would have been ungenerous for the other members of the top 5 to disappear in favor of these characters, which is why the deaths of the members of the Hawk Squad have been grouped in one place. The end of Judo, Pipin, Kolcas, and Gaston, each in their own way, is full of meaning, cruelty, and darkness. And that’s exactly what made Berserk the manga we know today.

Finally, in chronological order, another significant death is that of Lucine. The antagonist of the arc of Caska’s captivity, he is one of the apostles but tormented by a past full of misery and loneliness. Lucine was a little girl who only longed for adventure and the discovery of that legendary world with elves and other creatures that were talked about, yet she was stuck in a world she did not think fit. Being still a child, albeit with now monstrous features, this is the last of the five most significant deaths of Berserk.