Visit Senpai your new guide in the geek world

As of this June 1, 2021, a new site called Senpai is born, a place where all gamers, otakus, collectors, cosplayers, and technology lovers will find the news and opinions about everything that they are passionate about in the wide and fascinating world. geek.

Here you will have first-hand the most important news about your favorite video games and series, as well as special content, reviews, opinions, and all the tips and tricks you need to know to fully enjoy your greatest passions. In Senpai you can find the following:


Everything you need to know about the most popular and beloved series of Japanese animation you will find in Senpai. From those anime that marked our childhood such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and The Knights of the Zodiac, to the works that set the standard today such as Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan.

You will also find reviews, opinions, and curiosities about some of the characters and stories that we like so much. In addition to content related to the great creators and artists of Japanese animation, and the milestones they have imposed within the entertainment industry globally.

If you are a gamer at heart and you are always looking for tips and information that will allow you to reach the next level, Senpai is the ideal place for you. Here you will find the most current and important news of the video game industry, with special coverage of the most anticipated releases, featured events, platforms, and games that set trends among the community.

In the same way, you will be able to access the reviews of the current games; as well as specialized articles and opinion articles on the brands, consoles, and titles that have marked the history of videogames in the last fifty years.


The most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the fireproof manga industry. You will find everything about your favorite artists and publications here, with opinions, curiosities, news, and summaries of the episodes of some of the most popular manga of the moment such as Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Boruto, One Piece, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Geek Culture

In Senpai, there is also a place for all those who like cosplay, fanarts, toys, and collectibles. Find those words and works of art related to the most important works of anime and video games, made by fans for fans. Because you are the one who builds the geek world.