oy Ruckus Club Virtual Concert ‘K-Pop SuperFest’ Meet the Stars in the Sessions

To be live gushed from the worldwide prestigious Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul, Korea, the ‘K-Pop SuperFest” by occasions experts Sessions and Joy Ruckus Club is ready to be the current year’s biggest K-pop celebrations on the planet, virtual or something else – and here are the stars set to make the occasion noteworthy.

The occasions coordinator behind the enlightening “I Hate Being Hated” virtual pledge drive, Sessions, has collaborated with the makers of the biggest Asian concert, Joy Ruckus Club, to bring another notable occasion. Set on Sunday, June 19, the K-Pop SuperFest will unite a portion of the business’s most popular names. Tickets and extra subtleties are accessible at the Official Sessions-Joy Ruckus Club site.

In spite of being a one-day occasion just, K-Pop SuperFest fills the Series and stretches out the range to a challenging 194 nations and 18 unique dialects. Besides, an assortment of products, for example, memorial shirts, NFT recordings, signed banners, and the possibility for an elite one-on-one meet and welcome chances with the taking part craftsmen will be accessible on the Sessions site.

Here is the Series of the K-pop stars fans can expect in the current year’s “K-Pop Superfest.”


The four-piece kid bunch is comprised of icons even before they appeared as a unit. Individuals Woojin and Daehwi recently showed up on the K-pop endurance show Produce 101 and made it as individuals from the K-pop kid bunch Wanna One. Donghyun was a previous individual from the team MXM while Woong was a profoundly expected “Super Trainee.” AB6IX made their presentation in May 2019 and have as of late delivered their fourth EP “Mo’ Complete: Have a Dream.”


The Korean-American craftsman Ailee was brought into the world in Colorado and experienced childhood in New Jersey. She has been a staple of the K-pop industry since the time she moved to South Korea in 2010 and made her introduction in 2012. The entertainer has delivered various financially effective singles, remembering six melodies for the Gaon Digital Chart top five.


Conceived Alexandra Christine Schneiderman, the Korean-American vocalist is situated in South Korea and has been a member in the two periods of the unscripted television show “rRising Legends.” Now endorsed with Zanybros, she made her presentation on October 21, 2019, with the tune “Bomb.” Aside from her vocation in the K-pop industry, Alexa is additionally set to make her acting introduction in the Netflix awfulness treasury “Goedam 2.”


Brought into the world in South Korea, the hip-jump craftsman experienced childhood in the US, where he acquired his melodic sensibilities. Bloo helped to establish the hip-jump mark MKIT Rain along with his kindred craftsmen Nafla and Loopy and they moved back to Korea in 2015. A year after, Bloo made his presentation with the single “Drive-through.” He has quickly separated himself from his peers with his unmistakable voice and snazzy styles, telling consideration from both nearby and global hip-bounce news sources.


The nine-part bunch under Starship Entertainment made their presentation on April 14, 2020, and quickly presented themselves as Super Rookie. Their presentation smaller than usual collection, “Season 1. Refuge: Remember Who We Are,” quickly bested the South Korean collection graphs and they completed their introduction year with various honors from different music grants occasions in the country.

DJ Soda

The universally prestigious South Korean DJ started her vocation in 2013 and after two years has begun her worldwide main events with the Korea World DJ celebration. She made her introduction with the EP “Closer,” made through the Warner Music Group. She likewise dispatched a communitarian project with labelmates Sistar. In 2017, she likewise performed at the S20 Songkran Music Festival in Thailand, which is among the world’s biggest concerts.


A ten-part kid bunch under Woollim Entertainment, Golden Child made its introduction on August 28, 2017. Their entrance into the K-popular music scene broke the seven-year rest from the ability of the executives’ office since the incredible gathering Infinite. Cutting an interesting picture, Golden Child established solid connections with their EDM-based melodic style portrayed by bass-weighty rhythms and a similarly intricate movement.


The P Nation rapper, singer, musician, author, and the maker has been making waves since the time she made her introduction with her self-named EP. She possibly accumulated more standard consideration when she joined the Mnet reality rap endurance show “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015. Under her present name, Heize delivered her seventh EP “Occur” last May 20.


Additionally brought up in the US, Korean American rapper-entertainer Jessi likewise joined the 2015 program “Unpretty Rapstar,” where she wrapped first next in line. In any case, even before she joined the contest, she had effectively made her introduction with the single “Get Up” back in 2005 and after a break from the business, she returned in 2014 as an individual from the hip-jump bunch Lucky J. Presently a symbol in the Korean hip-jump scene, Jessi as of late delivered the advanced single “What Type of X” last March 17 and is currently set to order the stage as she goes to the Sessions and Joy Ruckus Club occasion, “K-Pop Superfest.”


The Woollim Entertainment young lady bunch has been enchanting the hearts of fans all throughout the planet since they appeared in 2014. Made out of eight individuals, the K-pop gathering has been known for their charming and new ideas, sharing affection and bliss through fun and cheery tracks. Since their first collection “Young ladies’ Invasion,” LOVELYZ has delivered two studio collections and seven EPs altogether.


The individuals from the MLD Entertainment young lady bunch were the victors of the 2016 reality endurance show Finding Momoland. Soon after they delivered their presentation smaller than normal collection, “Welcome to Momoland,” on November 10, 2016, the gathering consistently fabricated its fanbase in Korea and the remainder of the world. They soar in 2018 with the single “Bboom,” which topped at number 2 at the South Korean singles graphs. Momoland is presently preparing for an American market leap forward subsequent to marking with ICM Partners last 2020.


Conceived Jeong Ji-hoon, Rain is maybe one of the Korean media outlet’s columns on the worldwide stage. Beginning his profession at 16 years of age as a kid musician, he discovered business and basic accomplishments with his independent collection “Miscreant,” back in 2002. Setting up his music profession as Rain, he proceeded to deliver six Korean-language collections and one Japanese-language collection. Besides being a K-pop star, Rain likewise drove various effective TV dramatizations and movies, including 2004’s “Full House” and the 2009 Hollywood film “Ninja Assassin.” Now, Rain is set to join the top pick list in the current year’s “K-Pop SuperFest.”

The Boyz

Previously known as Cre. kerz, The Boyz is an eleven-part kid bunch from Cre. ker Entertainment. They appeared in December 2017 with the EP “The First,” trailed by “The Start” (2018) and “The Air.” Aside from their numerous honors and acknowledgments as a K-pop kid bunch, The Boyz additionally won the South Korean unscripted TV drama “Street to Kingdom,” guaranteeing their spot in the impending “Realm: Legendary War.”