swift return with summer songs – ‘Bye Bye Bye’: WEi makes

Getting by in the ferocious K-pop industry is an overwhelming test for any tenderfoot gathering. However, kid band WEi enjoys a relative benefit: every one of the six individuals is recognizable appearances to the general population. Individuals Yohan and Seokhwa were challengers on Mnet’s kid bunch endurance show, “Produce X 101” (2019), while Yong-ha and Junseo showed up on MBC’s “Under Nineteen” (2018-19). Daehyun was an individual from K-pop demonstration Rainz, and Donghan was essential for JBJ.

Last October, the six individuals collaborated and appeared as WEi with the EP, “Personality: First Sight.” Only around four months after the fact, it carried out its second little collection, “Character: Challenge” and on Wednesday, put out its third EP, “Personality: Action,” which denotes the finish of its “Character” arrangement.

“We as a whole needed to grandstand our music and exhibitions to individuals at the earliest opportunity,” Daehyun said during an online media gathering, Wednesday.

Yohan added, “We just enjoyed a short reprieve, however, we missed our fans to such an extent. We are glad to make a quick return.”

The fundamental subject of WEi’s introduction EP was a youth, though its subsequent delivery rotated around handling difficulties. As indicated by Daehyun, “Personality: Action” is about a progression of moves that WEi makes to find its character.

“I think we showed our various sides in every collection,” he said. “We likewise attempted to demonstrate the amount we grew up each time. In spite of the fact that we are currently wrapping up our ‘Personality’ arrangement, this doesn’t feel like the end for me… It is somewhat the finishing of a venture.”

Junseo added, “Through our steadily evolving ideas, we need to show that we are sufficiently gifted to pull off different ideas and styles.”

Fronted by the lead single, “Bye,” the collection offers four extra tracks, including: “Waitin,'” “White Light,” “Sea” and “sixteenth Star.” Daehyun, Yohan, and Yongha took an interest in writing the verses for “Bye,” an elevating tune with reviving energy that advises audience members to surrender their concerns and start another excursion.

“While dealing with the verses, I utilized my creative mind and furthermore considered the real occasions that I could connection to the tune,” Daehyun said.

Seokhwa said, “When I initially heard ‘Bye,’ I figured it would be intense for us to pull it off, as it sounded exceptionally wild and incredible. Yet, when we really sang it, it was very acceptable. I figure ‘Bye’ will help us further spread our name.”

Donghan said, “Barely any celebrations are occurring these days because of the worldwide wellbeing emergency. So we will endeavor to carry the merry state of mind to our stage.”

Among different pieces, “sixteenth Star” conveys exceptional importance for individuals. For this track, Daehyun and Seokhwa added to the verses.

“It is a melody committed to our fans,” Daehyun said. “I and Seokhwa attempted to cause the verses to represent us.”

Seokhwa added, “The tune transfers our earnest messages to our fans, who have been excitedly supporting us.”

Donghan wrapped up the meeting by uncovering a future expectation.

“Later on, I need to evaluate an idea that looks hot and provocative,” he said.