Examining Trouble-Free TWICE’s Sana On Why She Chose K-pop Instead Of J-pop Programs

Minatozaki Sana, better referred to among ONCEs as Sana (사나) from TWICE, as of late opened up on why she wound up turning into a K-pop star as opposed to appearing as a symbol in her nation of origin of Japan in an online meeting with Seventeen.

The Osaka-conceived celebrity has consistently longed for turning into an entertainer growing up. She started preparing under one of the country’s most prestigious dance studios – the EXILE Dance Academy – at around 6th grade.

For this situation, it’s conceivable Sana would’ve appeared as an individual from a J-Pop symbol bunch if not for one portentous day in center school. In 2012, she was explored by a projecting partner from JYP Entertainment, and fortunately enough she was joined by a companion who’s familiar with Korean. Sana in the end tried out for the organization, and well, the rest is history.

So what really drove Sana to take the jump toward South Korea and K-Pop? The 25-year-old opened up about her thinking to Seventeen.

“In Japan, a ton of groups set individual situations for vocals and moving,” Sana clarified. Alternately, the “I Can’t Stop Me” expressed that K-Pop gatherings don’t care for that. That was the greatest allure about K-Pop gatherings, in any event as she would see it.

In past interviews, Sana has shed somewhat more knowledge into her choice to join JYP Entertainment. One of the first things that snared her in quite a while how the projecting partner convinced her by showing photographs of the cast of the well-known youngster dramatization “Dream High” (Sana was at that point a major devotee of the K-show).

Furthermore, Sana’s mom carried her to a 2 PM show, after both her folks conflicted with her choice to go abroad to turn into a star. Subsequent to watching the brutal icons perform, Sana begged her mom that she needed to be on the stage actually like them. Karma was in fact on Sana’s side, as she in the long run handled a chance to work with 2 PM part Junho and showed up in the music video for his independent melody “Moment Love”.

Simultaneously, individual TWICE part Momo likewise had a similar assessment and uncovered how she was enlivened by setting up K-Pop gatherings like SNSD in seeking after a vocation in the Hallyu business. The skilled entertainer dished, “As far as I might be concerned, (it was) watching senior craftsmen like Girls’ Generation… I thought I needed to do that also.”

For those intrigued, look at the full meeting with the young lady bunch here: