The original novel by Mamoru Hosoda’s latest anime movie, “Belle and the Princess of Soba,” is now on sale!

A reading video by voice actor Mamoru Miyano is now available! Keyword campaign
Mamoru Hosoda’s latest anime movie, “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” (English title: “BELLE”), is on sale from July 16 (Friday) at 416 halls (including 38 IMAX halls) throughout Japan.

The box office record for the three days released until July 18 was a massive hit with 600,000 people mobilized and over 890 million yen, making it the No. 1 box office in the history of director Mamoru Hosoda’s work!

In commemoration of such a big hit, the original novel campaign is underway!

After the movie was released, it became a hot topic on SNS, such as “Emotions that I couldn’t understand from facial expressions alone were words” and “I watched the movie, read the novel, and watched the movie again, and enjoyed it even more!” Enjoy the “Princess of the Dragon and Belle” world in both the novel and the movie!

Immerse yourself in the world of “Dragon and Belle Princess” more profoundly! The original novel is also on sale.

In commemoration of the original novel’s release, we are conducting a campaign to get the original rock picture of “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” to everyone who got the “secret keyword”!

Anime movie “Ryu to Soba Kasumi no Hime” work information

A 17-year-old high school girl, Tin, who lives in the countryside of Kochi, where nature is abundant, lost her mother in an accident at an early age and lived with her father.

Tin, who loved singing with her mother more than anything else, couldn’t sing because of her death.

One day, when only making songs was the only source of livelihood, I was invited by my best friend to participate in the virtual world U on the Internet, where more than 5 billion people gathered all over the world. In <U>, you can create your own alter ego called <As> and live a completely different life. Tin was supposed to be unable to sing, but as a <As> named “Bell,” he was able to sing naturally. Bell’s song quickly became a hot topic and became a popular diva all over the world.

Bell’s large-scale concert day with hundreds of millions of <As>. Suddenly, what appeared in front of the Bell with a roaring sound was a mysterious existence called a “dragon.” The violent and arrogant dragon makes the concert unreasonable. Bell approaches to find out the secret of the big wound that such a dragon has. Meanwhile, the dragon also gradually opens his heart to Bell’s gentle singing voice.

The search for the true identity of the dragon (Unveil) will soon occur all over the world.

As something that disturbs the order of U, As who claim to be justice begin to chase the dragon relentlessly, with slander in both the <U> and the real world, and the accelerating movement to eliminate the dragon from the two worlds, Bell wants to find the dragon and save his heart.

Does the voice of Tin living in the corner of the natural world reach only one “someone”?
A miracle is born when the two worlds become one.

Another reality. Another self. I’m not alone anymore.

Original / Screenplay / Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Planning / Production: Studio Chizu
Production Secretary: Studio Chizu Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) / Nippon Television Network Co-secretary