Is Karina Garcia Pregnant: The Slime Queen Pregnancy Rumors

Is Karina Garcia Pregnant: The Slime Queen Pregnancy Rumors
Vegan challenge performed by Karina Garcia (Source: Living Vegan)

There are buzzing sensations about The Slime Queen. Even her followers are interrogating Is Karina Garcia Pregnant? She is a YouTube and Instagram sensation from the United States. Her YouTube videos on a variety of topics have made her a very well-known YouTuber. Her films have an extra oomph among her devoted fans because of her straightforward and easy-to-follow style. She has largely uploaded DIY and life hack videos so far. Many of them have not only various functions, but they are also simple to use in actual situations.

She began shooting clips in 2015, and the substance of her videos has earned her a significant following. Karina is very particular about the videos she posts to her YouTube channel, which cover from nail paint lipstick to period tricks that every girl should know. Not only are films about DIYs, tricks of the trade, and cosmetic hacks popular among teenagers, but so are Karina Garcia’s slimes. While her Instagram account has 1.3 million followers.

Is Karina Garcia Pregnant: The Slime Queen Pregnancy Rumors
The Slime Queen: Karina Garcia (Source:

With her distinctive approach to video blogs in the areas of make-up artistry and life tips, Karina Garcia has been a YouTube star since 2015. Mayra Isabel who is the sister of Karina Garcia is a YouTube celebrity who focuses on make-up tutorials and lifestyle. She rose to prominence as a result of her DIY Flubber Soap. Produce Squishy Soap! This received a whopping 1 million views, catapulting her to stardom overnight.

Karina Garcia is one-of-a-kind due to the successful tactics she utilizes in her do-it-yourself and regular video blogging. They are not only simple and easy to follow, but they are also inventive. Girls from all around the world watch her make-up lessons with bated breath.

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Is Karina Garcia Pregnant?

Karina has garnered enough limelight with her slime videos. But all her followers are talking behind her back that Is Karina Garcia Pregnant? If you are an ardent follower of Karina you might have definitely read or heard about her recent news of giving birth this year. Although she confirmed and conceived on April 19, 2021.

She excitedly shared the post on social media platforms. She wrote that she became a mother and still can’t believe that she had given birth to such a beautiful child. But one thing that could be a part of Karina’s pregnancy rumors is her weight. She often remains highlight because of her excess weight, which in turn creates a perception of a baby bump. Thus, leading to pregnancy rumors.

Is Karina Garcia Pregnant: The Slime Queen Pregnancy Rumors
Folks love Karina Garcia and call her “The Slime Queen” ( Source:

However, we as a fan or a follower should try to understand the fact that weight can’t be correlated with the pregnancy. She often received abuse but kept a grin on her face and fought all the odds. Karina is vocal about everything, even her personal life.

This time she hasn’t said anything about her pregnancy. However, it was interpreted and questioned by the followers that she is pregnant. We even can’t comment on these rumors until Karina herself declares that she is finally becoming a mother.

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Reasons Behind Karina’s Popularity

She chose to post videos in 2015 with the aid of her twin sister Mayra after hustling for many years. Mayra has been a YouTuber since 2012 and wanted Karina to be a part of her online company. Garcia first made a DIY slime video using a recipe she discovered on the popular website Pinterest. The DIY video went viral, attracting a lot of attention to Karina’s YouTube account.

As a result, her social media platforms rapidly surpassed a million followers. Karina Garcia’s DIY slime, Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs, and Karina Garcia’s Next-Level DIY Slime are the titles of three books written by the brilliant inventor. The first two volumes feature around 15 slime recipes, while the third book has approximately 20 crafts and life tips. Karina also started ‘Craft City Life’ in October 2017, selling Slime Kits, Bath Bomb Kits, Lip Kits, and other items.

Karina Garcia Social Media

Garcia has an official Instagram page called ‘Karinagarc1a,’ which has 1.2 million followers. Furthermore, as of 2021, the popular page has 1551 posts and 2305 followers. Karina’s TikTok videos, in which she publishes reviews, vlogs, and humorous snippets, have also received over 3.7 million likes. Her official Twitter username is ‘Karina,’ and she has 41.3 thousand followers. She generally tweets about her career and amusing things.

Karina Garcia Relationship

The well-known YouTuber is hitched to her long-term lover ‘Raul Aguilar.’ He, like his wife, is well-known for his DIY films and goes by the moniker ‘SquishyBunnii‘ online. Raul is active on their Instagram account, where he has 18.1 thousand followers and has posted approximately 22 times. The famous couple frequently collaborates on content and helps each other build their channels.

The renowned pair met while both were producing DIY-related material. Raul and Garcia married in April 2018 after surreptitiously dating for a while. The newlywed pair, on the other hand, prefers to keep their romance private. Karina, on the other hand, just became a mother of a little baby in July 2021. They have, however, preserved the baby’s information, including the name, highly confidential.

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