Is Monica Beets Pregnant: Rumors About Gold Rush Cast

Is Monica Beets Pregnant: Rumors About Gold Rush Cast
Monica Beets worried about her performance in Gold Rush (Source: TV Shows Ace)

With the buzzing rumors about Gold Rush Cast, questions such as Is Monica Beets Pregnant? Monica Beets is a reality television star from Canada. She rose to fame as a result of the Discovery Channel reality show “Gold Rush.” She is also noted for being the twenty-year-old superintendent of her family’s mineral exploration enterprise, where she trains men twice her age.

Furthermore, she gained more notoriety when she had a crush on fellow Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel, but their romance did not blossom. However, she has begun dating Brandon Harper, a fellow Gold Rusher. She did, however, marry after meeting her future spouse Taylor Mayes. Since 2013, Monica Beets has been a part of the cast of Gold Rush. Monica was just 10 or 11 years old when she made her television debut.

Is Monica Beets Pregnant: Rumors About Gold Rush Cast
Monica Beets on Gold Rush (Source: The Cinemaholic)

She’s appeared in both the original Gold Rush and the spin-offs Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: The Gold Rush. Monica Beets is the daughter of Tony Beets, a gold miner, and Minnie Beets, a housewife. She has a sister named Bianca and two brothers named Kevin and Mike, and she is one of four siblings.

Monica’s parents have been married for many years. When she was 22, her parents put her in charge of a dredging team during the 2016 Gold Rush. Fortunately, Monica’s previous experience working on a gold mine prepared her well for the role of team leader.

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Is Monica Beets Pregnant?

So, Is Monica Beet Pregnant? Monica Beets was born to work as a professional miner. Her father, famed miner Tony Beets, and her husband, Taylor Myles, star in the reality television series Gold Rush. While working together as miners, the two fell in love and married in 2018. The Discovery star has been the focus of internet speculations regarding her personal life as a result of her appearance on a reality television show. One myth about the miner is that she is expecting a child. Is this, however, correct?

This isn’t the first time the Gold Rush miner has been linked to a pregnancy rumor on the internet. Monica was seen acting ill to her stomach in early 2020, prompting a fan to publish a Reddit thread speculating that she was pregnant.

Is Monica Beets Pregnant: Rumors About Gold Rush Cast
Monica Beets on her elegant wedding (Source: Pinterest)

There have been a lot of stories going around recently; Gold Rush star Monica Beets was rumored to be pregnant, but she denied the reports after confirming that she will return for season 12.

After seeing Monica Beets’ newest photos from the Gold Rush season 12 filming location in Yukon, we determined she is not pregnant. Monica, Rick Ness, and his girlfriend, Leese Marie, were among those visible in the shot, which was posted on Facebook by Christo Doyle, the show’s producer.

Why did people start speculating about Monica Beets having a baby? Some believe fans started speculating about Monica Beets having a baby because of her weight gain at the time. Tony Beets’ daughter gained a little weight about a year ago, leading some to believe she was pregnant, but this is erroneous, as we now know.

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Monica Beets Personal Life

If you’re wondering whether your favorite ‘Gold Rush’ star is married or not, you’ve come to the right place. Or is she single or in a relationship, and what is her dating history? After meeting Taylor Mayes, the 27-year-old lady married him. On August 11, 2018, they married in Dawson City. They married in front of their family and friends in a traditional ceremony. Aside from that, she has avoided discussing her personal life in public.

She used to have a crush on a fellow cast member named “Parker Schnabel” from her show when she used to join her father. However, it maintained a crush as long as the other party was unaware of it. Later, she was linked to Brandon Harper, a former classmate. However, there was no word on whether or not they were dating.

Gold Rush Season 12

Season 12 of Gold Rush starts on Friday, September 24 at 8 p.m., while The Dirt returns on Friday, November 5 at 10 p.m. Raw Television Produces Gold Rush for Discovery. The show Gold Rush is one of Discovery’s most recognized shows, and with gold prices reaching record highs, this season looks to be the most competitive yet.

The film Gold Rush follows four mining corporations as they compete for the best land, the majority of which is already occupied, making the process even more difficult. In order to find their wealth, the miners are compelled to gain insight and travel even more into the wilderness. But who will be the most successful and emerge victorious this time?

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