Who is John Robins Dating? Everything About Comedian’s Love Life

Who is John Robins Dating? Everything About Comedian's Love Life
John Robins (Source: The Guardian)

Do you know Who is John Robins Dating? In England, he is most known for his stand-up comedy career, which has also included radio hosting. As a stand-up comic, he has frequently performed at the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Where he previewed material from his 2016 tour Speakeasy in 2015. John has also been on The Now Show and The News Quiz on Radio 4. Elis and John announced their first major live shows together in 2016. Tickets for London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire sold out in less than an hour, setting a new record. They have since released a book titled ‘Elis and John Present: The Holy Bible.

In 2015, John won the Chortle Award for Best Compere for his honesty, charisma, and lightning-quick improvisation. John is also a sought-after voice-over talent handled by Sue Terry Voices. He is called “broadly vegan” because he has given his voice to various corporations. John is a lover of the rock band Queen and attended their 2014–15 New Year’s Eve performance. He also likes Frank Zappa and Bonny “Prince” Billy, and he manages the Bonnie Prince Billy Quotes Twitter account.

Who is John Robins Dating? Everything About Comedian's Love Life
Interview with John Robins

He has frequently titled his Edinburgh concerts after pieces of music he likes, such as Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven is a track from the album Godspeed You! Robins formerly dated comedian Sara Pascoe. They parted in 2016, and both used their experiences with the break-up and its repercussions to produce successful Edinburgh Fringe performances, with Robins winning the 2017 Edinburgh Comedy Award. Robins is an accomplished board gamer who once finished 11th in the British national Catan championships.

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Who is John Robins Dating?

The revolving rumors about Who is John Robins Dating? can be effaced here. He is dating Coco Fennell and is in a relationship with her since 2018. Renowned by the name of the princess of party dress. Coco is already famous because of her works. Emerald and Coco Fennell, the imaginative and accomplished children of jewelry designer Theo Fennell. His famous author wife Louise, is the center of attention.

Who is John Robins Dating? Everything About Comedian's Love Life
John Robins girlfriend Coco Fennell

Emerald, the elder of the trio, is a 34-year-old filmmaker, writer, and actor who just won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for her feminist thriller, Promising Young Woman. Along with her award-winning writing (she also wrote Season 2 of BBC’s Killing Eve), fans of The Crown may recognize her as Camilla Parker Bowles from the current smash series.

While Emerald controls Hollywood, the other Fennell sister, Coco, rules the fashion industry. After starting her fashion line at the age of 22 while studying graphic design in London, the now 32-year-old designer has spent the last decade working on her namesake stock which consists of flirty things. It also comprises wavy dresses which look enticing. Elizabeth Hurley on a boat in Sardinia wearing one of Coco’s airy fruit-printed gowns, or Rihanna and Kylie Minogue dashing around New York and London in Fennell’s vintage jumpsuits.

Robins received the Edinburgh Comedy Award (together with Hannah Gadsby) in August 2017 for his show that year, “The Darkness of Robins,” which focused on the collapse of his relationship with comic Sara Pascoe and his private affairs just after drop. It was his first time being nominated for the award.

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Elis James and John Robins Show

Elis and John have been pals since they met on the comedy circuit in 2005, and they’ve always wanted to do a talk show together. Xfm had a practice of having male comedians lead weekend programs, and after their agency presented a sample, Elis and John were given a weekend position. On August 17, 2014, the show was relocated to a Saturday 10:00 am–1:00 pm time slot before relocating to Saturday afternoons from 1:00 pm–4:00 pm on April 23, 2016. In September 2015, Xfm relaunched as Radio X and began national transmission.

Following Dave Masterman’s resignation from Radio X in April 2017, Vinay Joshi took over as primary producer. Joshi had previously worked on the show as an unpaid intern in 2014 before becoming a permanent producer at Radio X and had more recently been rotating production responsibilities with Masterman.

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