Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021: Rumored Relationships

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021

Does Park Bo Gum have a girlfriend in 2021? It’s no surprise that the times of a single country or region leading the entertainment industry have long since gone. The current era is witnessing multiple countries producing praiseworthy content that has allowed them to gain recognition on the global stage. One such region that has churned out quality shows, films, and music is East Asia, and one such rising nation in that context is South Korea. K-pop and Korean drama have literally taken the world by storm by amassing a colossal fan following globally.

Fans go crazy over the slightest rumors of their favorite Korean stars. One Korean personality who’s had several dating rumors is the actor and singer Park Bo Gum. Just to remind you of his popularity and ability, he was the first-ever actor to rank first on the Korea Power Celebrity list. Park was also the youngest artist to become Gallups Korea’s Television Actor of the Year. The actor is commended for his varied roles in film and television. Some of the different roles include a crown prince, an exceptional Go player, a free-spirited man in love with an older woman, and a model aspiring to become an actor.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend in 2021

The versatile actor does not have a girlfriend as of now. Bo Gum cannot possibly have a girlfriend now. To fulfill obligatory military service, Park is currently serving as a cultural promotion soldier in the navy military band. He enlisted on 31st August 2020 and will probably complete his service by 2022. In the past, however, Bo Gum has been part of multiple rumors surrounding his dating life. Let’s have a look at these rumors and find out the reasons behind them.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021
Park Bo Gum

Kim Yoo Jung

The TV series Love in the Moonlight saw Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung as the lead stars and have a relationship in the series. Now the fans were wondering if the two had something going on off the series too and there began theories about the two secretly dating in 2016. However, these rumors intensified in 2020 when Park and Kim were seen together multiple times. One time, the two were found checking out of a hotel in the Philippines. They came back to South Korea together and at the airport, they were wearing similar outfits like those that couples wear.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021
Park and Kim Yoo Jung

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Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene from the girl group Red Velvet co-hosted 2020’s Music Bank with Park Bo Gum. After seeing the two together on stage and how adorable the two looked, fans were already wishing that the two would end up together. But the Red Velvet singer announced that the rumors were not true. Though Irene stated that Park definitely charmed her, they both were not involved romantically.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021
Park with Irene

Jang Na-Ra

The first dating rumor surrounding Bo Gum was with 39-year-old singer Jang Na-Ra. Though a singer, Jang has worked in films too including one with Bo Gum. They worked together in the TV series I Remember You which came out in 2015. When the rumors gained momentum, it began creating awkwardness between the Park and Jang. Park was feeling quite uneasy while the rumors were around, so he himself came forward and settled the confusion in an interview. He was friends with the Jang and did not want to make the situation more awkward.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021
Jang Na Ra

Im Yoon-ah

Im Yoon-ah or otherwise known as Yoona is a member of the popular girl group Girls’ Generation. Yoona and Park appeared in the TV program Hyori’s Homestay in 2018. The two displayed spontaneous chemistry at the show. They have really seen bonding with each other and enjoying their time together. Fans had started believing that given their appearance on the show together, they were in the beginnings of a relationship. But their speculations were broken down soon. This rumor was the latest surrounding Park Bo Gum. Fans still hope someday the two might end up together.

Park Bo Gum Girlfriend 2021
Yoona from Girls’ Generation

These were the most talked about rumors about Park Bo Gum’s dating life. All the above rumors have been confirmed to be false. Neither Park nor any of his rumored girlfriends have confirmed a relationship.

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