The Cheating Scenario Of Alex Cora: What Really Happened?

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora gestures toward the outfield after a win over the San Francisco Giants in a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Alexander Jose Cora is well known for his short name Alex Cora. The great Puerto Rican baseball manager.  He took birth on 18 th October 1975, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. He is also known by the name Skipper. His father’s name is Jose Manuel Cora and her mother is Iris Amaro. He lived with his siblings namely, Joey Cora, his elder brother, and sisters Lydia and Iris. Just like the other unique kids, he had a passion for baseball from an early age. His parents even said that baseball was his all-time food while growing up. Alex opted to play for Miami as he was instantly selected in the Major League Draft. He had taken the first step towards success. While playing for Miami, he had started to gain public respect and admiration with his amazing game.

He had to go through tough times when he just entered his teenage, he faced the demise of his father when he was thirteen. His father suffered from Colon cancer, his considered his father as the reason he started loving baseball as his father was a minor league mentor in Puerto Rico. After his death, the responsibility of the whole house was taken by his elder son, Joey, who was also a baseball infielder and performed for four major teams which include San Diego, the Chicago White Sox, Seattle, and Cleveland. Alex went to Bautista High School in Caguas and graduated in 1993. His sisters have been appointed as the leaders and serving the church.

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Personal life And Career

Alex had earlier married Nildamarie Leclere’s-Vazquez, they were parents of a girl child named Camila Cora. Presently, he is preparing to marry Angelica Feliciano. They shared twin children. Joey Cora {his big brother} Joey Cora had 11 years of a career playing baseball at MLB. He used to hold the second position as a baseman for San Diego Padres of the National League and the Seattle Mariners and other big squads. He was selected by San Diego Padres in the first round of the 1985 MLB draft, he had already played for several teams and got injured in the games many times due to which he played his last game in the Cleveland Indians for a short duration.

In 2016, he winded up his career as a player and switched to managing and coaching. He took the coaching job for the Houston Astros. He then continued switching to a managing job in 2017 for the Boston Red Sox and signed the contract of managing for three years which was started in2018. Alex even won the World Series Championship for the third time.

alex cora

 Alex Cora’s MLB careers

He made his debut in MLB which is regarded as the major league, dated June 07. 1998. He first played his game with the Los Angeles Dodgers against the Seattle Mariners. This game was not just about teams but there was also a player in Seattle Mariners in the position of second baseman none other than his big brother Joey. Alex then played for many big squads including Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox {he even led the team to win the trophy in 2007}, New York Mets in 2009, Texas Rangers in 2010, Washington Nationals in 2011, he played winter baseball for St. Louis Cardinals the rest of 2011 season and even planned to get retired from the winter game.

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The Cheating Scenario Of Alex Cora

There are times when problems knock on our doors and we cannot ignore them. Something happened with Alex Cora too. In 2017, there was a big controversy over the Houston Astros in which Alex Cora was considered accused of stealing the sign and led the world series title. In an interview in 2020, he finally broke his silence after a year suspension by Red Sox. He not only accepted the blame put on him but also said that he is not the mastermind but he was still part of what happened. Alex Cora and others were accused of using technology to steal pitching signs from other teams and eventually won the world series.

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