Ganglands: French Thriller Series Season 1: Release Date & Cast Members


What is the official release date of Ganglands season 1? Everybody wanted to know the official release date of Ganglands season 1. The French thriller series has become one of the most awaited series of 2021. The trailer of the upcoming French thriller series is mind-blowing. Everyone went crazy after just seen the trailer a month ago. The series created by Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq. The french series follows a thief and an ace robber getting their hands dirty.

They both get involved in a murky turf war between crime lord drug dealers. The show is based on Julien Leclercq’s 2015 famous film “The Crew.” What’s more, people are going crazy regarding the release date of the show. They are continuously trending the quire regarding the show on Twitter or other social media platforms. But none is working on officials. But one thing they clear is that the show will make your mind blow.



Ganglands is a new upcoming French thriller series created by Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq. Netflix recently uploaded the trailer of the upcoming show on their social media platform. The upcoming French thriller series follows the story of Mehdi, a qualifier robber, and Liana, an apprentice thief. Both of them were involved in a war between drug dealers and collaborators. The trailer of the upcoming series gains a good response from the fans as well as from the critics too. Ganglands, aka, Braqueurs, is scheduled to release this September. Julien Leclercq will work as the director of the series. The famous duo J Moreover, Hamid Hlioua, along with Julien, are the writers of the series. In bonus, Dominique Baumard and Isaure Pisani Ferry have also served as the writers of the series.

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Today in this article, we will talk about the official release date of the Ganglands season 1. Firstly we will talk about the French thriller series plot of the series. Secondly, the article contains the detail of the series cast members. Finally, we will talk about the Gangland Season 1 official release date. Moreover, we will also talk about the platform where you watch the show. But before all that, let’s have a look at the official trailer of Ganglands Season 1, aka, Braqueurs.

Plot Of Ganglands Season 1

The most awaited thriller series Ganglands season 1 is the story of Mehdi and Liana. Mehdi is a robber, whereas Liana, played by Tracy Gotoas, is a well-trained thief. In addition, the series deals with the love story of Shainaiz, the love of Liana. Both Mehdi and Liana become involved in fights between the drug dealers to rescue their loved ones. The violent battle between drugs dealer to rescue loved ones is the main focus of the series. Recently, Netflix uploaded the official trailer on their social media handle, which begun with the entry of Mehdi. In the trailer, we get a profound introduction of the individual character from the series. It shows the story of two women who are in love with each other.

To make some money, the gang decides on the robbery of coke, which turns into the worst mistake of their life. To get back the coke from the gang, the drug dealers kidnapped Liana’s girlfriend ShainaLater in the story, Liana learns that Shainaiz is the niece of Mehdi. To know more, you have to wait for the release of the show.

Ganglands Cast


The upcoming French thriller series Ganglands season 1 start with Sami Bouajila, Tracy Gotoas, and Samuel. Moreover, we will see Nabiha Akkari and Sofia Lesaffre in action. A bonus part of Ganglands season 1 cast, Salim Kechiooche, Noureddine Farihi, Geert Van Rampelberg, and Bakary Diombera. Julien Leray and Julien Madon, along with Philippe Guez and Julien Leclercq, are the producers of the upcoming series.

Release Date Of The Series

The Netflix upcoming original Ganglands season 1, aka, Braqueurs, will officially release on 24 September 2021. So, create the reminder on your mobile and save the date to watch Ganglands season 1 this Friday, 24th September Netflix. You should have a subscription to Netflix to watch the series.  The series is going so unique, and you will never feel disappointed by watching it.

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